Kroes Family 8



VIII.79 Mark Gerald KREYCHE , Stock broker. Born 25/06/1952 Chicago IL, marr. 13/09/1975 Brea California Theresa GRONDZKI , Personnel manager, born 16/11/1952.

From this marriage:

1.         Laura Elisabeth KREYCHE , born 11/02/1989 Tustin CA


VIII.84 Geraldine Eleanor (Gerry) KREYCHE , Tax expert Internal Revenue Service, born 04/04/1949.

Geraldine picked up Henk and Wim Oteman at the airport of Denver  CO during their visit to the Kreyches in Colorado in October 1996.

She organised about 10  years ago, a great family reunion in the Rocky Mountains National Park. Of that gathering exists a beautiful, large family photograph.


Marr. 08/03/1968, div. 05/12/1996 Jan Olof MALMBERG , Mechanic, born 18/02/1948.

Originally from Norway.


From this marriage:

1.         Kristin Marie MALMBERG , Secretary, born 01/08/1969 Chicago IL

Was in the Airforce  in Omaha in Nebraska. Her husbands parents live in Mons (Belgium)Norway. Kristin is 26 years old in 1996 and wants to learn to fly.

She was at SHAPE in Mons (Belgium) secretary of the American  general in command: John Shalikashvili, who actually is chief‑staff of all American Forces. (Successor of Collin Powell)


Marr. (1) John  Herbert SANDERS , born 30/07/1965 Paris.

                                         John and Kristin both work for the US Airforce in Omaha NE. John is a sport

                                         man and speaks several languages fluently: English, French, Norvegean,

                                         German and Dutch. His father and mother are Carl Herbert Sanders and Eva

                                         Overby -Sanders. Both live in Mons. 

Marr.(2) on 02-06-2001 at Dallas with Shane STEINKE. US Airforce captain.                             Today Kristin is also US Airforce captain.


1.                  Jean Ann  MALMBERG , born 20/06/1975 Des Plaines IL (see also IX.48).

            Married with Jeff RENDALL,, electro technician born 27-07-1971.

                        From this marriage:

                        1.         Cameron Bryce


3.         Erik Olof  MALMBERG , born 28/08/1977 Des Plaines IL

Lives on his own. Chief of a local restaurant

Works on a computer and loves rollerblade.


VIII.85 Laurence Eugene (Larry) KREYCHE , Doctor, medical director Sierra Vista Hospital Sacramento CA, born 04/12/1951 Chicago IL, Died in a mountain accident 02-11-1997 in Placer County. marr. 21/04/1984, div. .. .. 1996 Luanne MOAK , stewardess.

From this marriage:

1.         Philip KREYCHE , born 14/03/1988.

2.         Jenna KREYCHE , born 01/11/1989.


VIII.87 James Robert (Jim) KREYCHE , Accountant, born 11/12/1952 Chicago IL

Has, together with a colleague, a tax account office of his own since 1993, Pro Tax Account West in Aurora.(suburb of Denver CO)

It is a sport-loving family. They do Roller Hockey and skiing in the Colorado Rockies.     ( Copper Mountain, Winterpark)

Henk and Wim Oteman were there twice during their stay in Colorado in October 1996.

Makes wunderfull photographes of the nature, flowesr and wild.


Marr. 08/12/1979 Breckenridge Co. Spouse is Gail (Gail) GLASGOW , born 22/06/1954 Inglewood CA.

They were married up in the mountains at Breckenridge and had a skiing honeymoon.

Gail is originally from California and met Jim when she temporary was delegated to an accountancy office in Denver CO , where Jim worked too. Furthermore they saw each other regularly at the ski runs in Colorado.

Gail's parents afterwards moved from California to Arizona in the neighbourhood of Presscott.


From this marriage:

1.         Brett Robert KREYCHE , born 23/06/1983 Englewood CO, Student.

Plays drums and does skiing, Roller Hockey and base ball.


2.         Neil Russel   KREYCHE , born 06/04/1985 Aurora CO

Plays saxophone, baseball, Roller Hockey. and goes skiing with the family. Recently he started with a snow-boarding.



VIII.90 Carolyn Bernadette KREYCHE , Nurse, assistant superintendent Harbour View Hospital , Seattle WA, born 27/04/1958 Chicago IL

Marr. 02/08/1980 Don BLAYNEY Jr. Manager for Airlines. Born 01/03/1956.

From this marriage:

1.         Jessica BLAYNEY , born 08/12/1984.

                        Plays violin and piano.


VIII.91            Richard Joseph KREYCHE , Radiological technician, born 23/12/1959       Chicago IL.

Has a daughter named Kelsey.

Her Chinese name is: "Dream of Green Fields”

Her mother is a chemist from Beijing (China.)  The other daughter (1996) is Holly.( Dream of the Rainbow) Grandma Ellie went to see her  new grandchild in October 1996. Richard has music as  hobby and during his studies he regularly performed in a band. That was quite successful. So afterwards he continued as a professional for a while. This took him all over the country. Did he inherit that talent from his grandmother Hattie?

Finally he settled in New Jersey and picked up his real profession: radiology.


Marr. 02/09/1990 Ping LIU , born .. 04 ??

Ping Lui’s mother, Guifin, practiced western and traditional Chinese medicine as a physican an  surgeon in Beijing, and Ping’s father, Rulin, chaired the Dept. Guifin has an exceptional talent for drawing and painting. Henk and Wim could admire a wonderful painting of her hands during their stay in Dolores CO.


From this marriage:

1.         Kelsey KREYCHE , born 22/03/1990.

2.         Holly   KREYCHE , born 12/02/1996.


VIII.93 Paul Harold KREYCHE , Staff sergeant Air Force Palmdale CA, born 02/07/1963.

Weapon-specialist. Works on the Stealth Fighter and the F‑16.


Marr. 04/03/1988 Debra (Debbie) SIMS .

From this marriage:

1.         Caitlin KREYCHE , born 31/03/1992.

2.         Steven  KREYCHE , born 07/02/1995.


VIII.96 Elizabeth Ann KRASK , Psychologist, born 19/02/1955, marr. 20/05 1989 George Elias TSAKIRIS ,  born 01/05/1952 Real Estates, computer expert.

From this marriage:

1.         Karina Elisabeth  TSAKIRIS . born 26/12/1990

2.         Elias David TSAKIRIS . born 27/09 1996


VIII.97 David KRASK , Environmental Science, born 30/01/1956.

The children are of Pat from an earlier marriage.


Marr. (1) 21/08/1982 Wheston  MD (St.Luke) Robin FOSTER , born 21/12/1959 College Park MD, marr.26/02/1994 (2) Patricia Sissal (Pat) LANE . Born 04/01/1952

From the earlier marriage of Pat:

1.         Jonathan Barret LANE . born 15/04/1981

2.         Daniel Barlow     LANE . born 26/04/1984


VIII.101Karen Jean KRASK , Lawyer‑Attorney, born 16/06/1959, marr. 05/10/85 John  Christopher Sheldon born 24/09/1947 , Re-education, Administration.

From this marriage:

1.         Evan  Matthew Sheldon . born 21/05/1989

2.         Dylan Patrick Sheldon . born 17/03/1993

3.         Mary Rose Catherine Sheldon . born 23/03/1995                  


VIII.102Robert  John (Bob) KRASK , Lawyer‑Attorney, born 31/03/1962, marr. 23/10/1986, Kimberley Ann Scott, born 06/01/1958 .

From this marriage:

1.         Matthew Scott KRASK. born 12/01/1991 .( From an earlier marriage of Ann)

2.         Julie Lauren    KRASK . born 14/04/1993


VIII.106          Susan STACHOW , born 19/11/1946 Racine WI, marr. 20/02/1965 Racine WI James LUXEM , born .. .. 1945 Racine WI.

From this marriage:

1.         Glen       LUXEM , born 08/07/1965 Racine WI

2.         Ann        LUXEM , born 25/10/1966 Racine WI

3.         Mathew LUXEM , born 16/06/1968 Racine WI

4.         Cristine LUXEM , born 03/04/1972 Racine WI



VIII.107          Thomas STACHOW , born 08/08/1949 Racine WI , marr. 29/06/1973 Racine WI Spouse is Victoria PLOCHINSKI , born Racine WI

From this marriage:

1.         Christopher STACHOW , born 08/07/1979 Racine WI


VIII.113Barbara BEDNAR , born 06/01/1948 Racine WI , marr. (1) 02/10/1971 Racine WI Spouse is Jerry STERN , born Kenosha WI, marr. (2) Timothy SHORT , born .. .. 1949.

Second husband of Barbara Bednar. She divorced from the first one: Jerry Stern.


From the first marriage:

1.         Christopher STERN , born 16/08/1973 Racine WI

2.         Andrea         STERN , born 17/10/1977 Racine WI


VIII.115Randall BEDNAR , born 10/09/1952 Racine WI, marr. 01/04/1972 Racine WI. Spouse is Georgia PATON , born Racine WI

From this marriage:

1.         Erica      BEDNAR , born 21/05/1978 Racine WI

2.         Rebecca BEDNAR , born 24/01/1981 Racine WI

3.         Anthony BEDNAR .


VIII.118Julie BEDNAR , born 01/10/1962 Racine WI, marr. Keith NN .

From this marriage:

1.         Alexander NN .

2.         Sarah        NN .


VIII.120Lori BEDNAR , born 27/03/1955 Racine WI , marr. 18/01/1973 Racine WI. Spouse is Kenneth HISEY , born Racine WI

From this marriage:

1.         Kelli              HISEY , born 23/02/1978 Racine WI

2.         Michael        HISEY , born 11/04/1979 Racine WI

3.         Christopher HISEY , born 06/05/1979 Racine WI


VIII.122Debbie BEDNAR , born 19/03/1956 Racine WI, marr. 22/09/1979 Racine WI. Spouse is Kurt HEUZDENZ , born Racine WI

From this marriage:

1.         Eric HEUZDENZ , born 08/02/1982 Racine WI


VIII.125Linda BEDNAR , born 30/07/1960 Racine WI , marr. 29/10/1979 Racine WI Spouse is Todd De MINT , born Racine WI

From this marriage:

1.         James De MINT , born 30/07/1982 Racine WI


VIII.136Terri BEDNAR , born 29/11/1956 Racine WI, marr. 16/04/1977 Sturtevant WI Spouse is Thomas (Tom) BRINKER , born Racine WI

From this marriage:

1.         William BRINKER , born 23/04/1980 Racine WI

2.         Ryan     BRINKER , born 12/05/1981 Racine WI


VIII.137Keith BEDNAR , born 28/09/1960 Racine WI , marr. 13/06/1981 Union Grove WI  Spouse is Peggy CHMIELWSKI , born Racine WI

From this marriage:

1.         Nina BEDNAR , born 18/01/1983 Union Grove WI


VIII.140Traci BEDNAR , born 04/12/1962 Racine WI. Marr. 19/01/1980 Sturtevant WI  Spouse is William PATON , born Racine WI

From this marriage:

1.         Jennifer PATON , born 05/09/1982 Sturtevant WI


VIII.155David ZIMPRICH , born 17/07/1954 Milwaukee WI.


David is adopted.


Church marr. 12/07/1986 Gatlinburg TN Teresa Arlene BODIFORD , born .. .. 1961.

From this marriage:

1.         Robert Allen     ZIMPRICH , born .. .. 1981.

2.         Amanda Nicole ZIMPRICH , born .. .. 1987.


VIII.158Susan (Sue) ZIMPRICH , born 18/09/1956 Racine WI

Doyle High School in Knoxville TN

Works in the Kroger Supermarket (Customers service.)


Marr. 04/07/1975 Knoxvville TN, church marr. 05/07/1975 Knoxville TN (Meridan Baptist Ch.) Russell Marion SONNER , born 06/05/1954 Knoxville TN.

From this marriage:

1.         Michelle Nicole SONNER , born 08/10/1982.

2.         Bradley Keith   SONNER , born 01/02/1986.


VIII.159Thomas Allan ZIMPRICH , born 24/08/1958 Racine WI

Schooling 9‑12 Doyle: Knoxville TN

Work: Owner of  Z's Homes Improvement

Hobbies: Gardening, Woodworking, Boating, Hiking, Weight lifting, Family.


Marr. 12/06/1982 Oak Ridge TN, church marr. 12/06/1982 Oak Ridge TN (Woodland Park Baptist Ch.) Janice Lynne MC GUIRE , born 05/06/1960 Oak Ridge TN

From this marriage:

1.         Lacey Dawn     ZIMPRICH , born 18/07/1983.

2.         Maria Heather ZIMPRICH , born 02/04/1985.


VIII.162Jeanne Marie ZIMPRICH , born 06/10/1963 Elgin IL

High School Doyle Knoxville TN

College: Knoxville Business School

Degree: Business Science

Hobbies: Sewing, Gardening

Church marr. 08/09/1893 Knoxville TN (Fort Sanders Baptist Ch.) Jim C. HINDS , born 11/11/1958.

From this marriage:

1.         Jennifer M       HINDS , born 06/11/1987.

2.         Christopher M HINDS , born 14/02/1991.


VIII.164Patricia Ann BARRY , Medical Illustrator, Doctor of Pathology. Born 23/09/1952 Racine WI

St.Mary's and St. Rita's Catholic Schools Racine WI

St.Catherine's High School Racine WI .

Degree of Medicine

Degree of Medical Illustration

Hobbies: Running, Swimming, Art (drawing).

Church marr. 06/10/1990 Milwaukee WI (St.Joseph's) Thomas Michael BACHHUBER , Physician Family Practice, born 05/12/1955.

Marquette High School Milwaukee WI

College: U/Wisconsin Milwaukee WI

Degree: Doctor of Medicine

Hobbies: Running, cross‑county, skiing, swimming, art, carpentry.

From this marriage:

1.         Emily Blue BACHHUBER , born 18/01/1993 Shorewood WI


VIII.167Sally Ann BARRY , pharmacist‑ St.Luke's Community Pharmacy and All Saints, born 12/12/1956 Racine WI .

St.Rita's Catholic School and Prairie School.

High School: Prairie School

College: Marquette Catholic University Milwaukee WI


Degree: Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy

Hobbies: Hiking, walking, running, reading, stitching, cooking.


Marr. 24/10/1981 Racine WI  Church marr. 23/10/1984 Racine WI  (St.Joseph's) Kevin Dyer CLARK , Salesman. Born 18/04/1958 IL

Prairie School Racine WI

Public Schools in Racine WI and Glenvieuw IL

High School: Prairie School.

College: U/Wisconsin‑La Crosse


Degree: Business

Hobbies: Golf, boating, reading, grouse-hunting.


From this marriage:

1.         Laura Elaine CLARK , born 17/07/1986 Racine WI

2.         Jane Ida         CLARK , born 18/04/1988 Racine WI


VIII.169Roberta Ann BARRY , corporate recruiter and homemaker, born 30/04/1961 Racine WI .            Prairie School Racine WI

High School: Prairie School

College: U/Wisconsin‑Madison

Degree: Business

Hobbies: Reading, music, tennis, walking, golf, singing.

Church marr. 08/09/1984 Racine WI  (St.Joseph's) James Arthur STARK , Financial Analyst ‑ Twentieth Century Investment. Born 24/12/1960.

Prairie School Racine WI

High School: Prairie School Racine WI

College: Wake Forest


         North-western U.‑Kellogg School of Business‑Evanston (Ill.)

Degree: Financial Analyst

Hobbies: Golf


From this marriage:

1.         Genevieve STARK , born 27/09/1989 Racine WI

2.         James        STARK , born 11/11/1992 Racine WI


VIII.170James Peter BARRY , Sales manager, born 23/06/1963 Racine WI

Prairie School Racine WI

High School Prairie School

College: U/Wisconsin‑Milwaukee

Hobbies: golf, cooking, reading, tennis Career: Homemaker.

Church marr. 20/10/1989 Milwaukee WI (St. Robert's) Megan Ellen GASPAR , born 06 03 19.. Milwaukee WI

High School: Dominican Catholic High School Milwaukee WI

College: Boston College

Degree: Human Resources

Hobbies: walking, shopping, decorating.

From this marriage:

1.         Taylor         BARRY , born 23/05/1992.

2.         Peter Jacob BARRY , born 07/03/1995.


VIII.173Paula Jeanne HANSEN , born 08/12/1958 Racine WI , marr. Janesville  Michael FEIRN , born 19/08/1965.

From this marriage:

1.         Stephanie J. FEIRN , born 22/03/1989.

2.         Sarah M.      FEIRN , born 12/11/1991.


VIII.175Celeste A. HANSEN , born 11/01/1963 Racine WI, marr. 23/10/1982 Racine WI. Spouse is Timothy (Tim) MILES , born 02/09/1960 Elkhorn .

From this marriage:

1.         Gabrielle J. MILES , born 17/10/1978.

2.         Timothy G. MILES , born 06/07/1984.

3.         Clayton T.    MILES born 04/03/1990.


VIII.177Gail Ann HANSEN , Homemaker, born 27/09/1965 Racine WI

Mild Asthma and allergies.

Giese School Racine WI

High School: J.I.Case Racine WI

College: Carthage‑Kenosha WI

Degree: Business Administration.

Hobbies: Church Lector, singing, swimming, knitting, reading.

Gail was with her husband Richard Peltier and her little boy Eric at the family-gathering in George's house in October 13th.1996..

Gail is the daughter of George's deceased sister Jean‑Ann, who was married to Glen Hansen.

Gail was with her husband and child, Eric, at the family-gathering at George’s home on Oct.1996.


Church marr. 28/09/1991 Racine WI  (St.Paul's Cath.Ch.) Richard Allen PELTIER , Systems Projects Manager, born 04/07/1958.

St.Clements Catholic School Sheboygan WI

High School: Sheboygan North Sheboygan  WI

College: U/Wisconsin‑Whitewater

Degree: BBA‑Management Computer Systems

Hobbies: Golf, bowling, softball


From this marriage:

1.         Eric PELTIER , born 15/04/1994 Racine WI.

            2,         Glen PELTIER, born 03/03/1997 Racine WI


VIII.180          Gregory Ruben CARRENO , teacher of Special Education Sheboygan Public Schools, born 13/10/1960 Racine WI.

St.Patrick's and St.Rita's Cath. Schools Racine WI

High School: Horlick High School Racine WI


Degree: B.S.Phy‑Ed and Health

             Master Special Ed.


Marr. 17/08/1985 Sheboygan Falls WI Colleen SUEMNICHT , born 31/01/1958.

From this marriage:

1.         Aaron Gregory CARRENO , born 01/04/1987.

2.         Seth Michael    CARRENO , born 28/03/1990.


VIII.190Andrew D. OTEMAN , born 26/01/1971 Racine WI , marr. 11 01 1996 Racine WI  Candice C. REINHARD .

From this marriage:

1.         Quinn OTEMAN , born 07/05/1995 Racine.

            2.         Jacob OTEMAN, born 26-06-1998 Racine


VIII.200          Elizabeth ELLIS , born 15/01/1962 Fort Atkinson WI, marr. Kelly POOLE .

From this marriage:

1.         NN POOLE , born 29/04/1983.


IX.48   Jean MALMBERG , born 20/06/1975 Des Plaines IL

Jean has a son , is not married and lives at home with Geraldine , her mother.



1.         Randoll CAMERON BRYCE , born 12/11/1994.