Kroes Family 6


Kroes Family 7


                                                            William Oteman


                                                               Betty Kroes


                               |                                                                            |

                   Anne Oteman                                                          George I Oteman

                              x                                                                           x

                Frank Bednar                                          Genevievre Langefeld

                  _______________                                             __________________

                             |                                                                             |

                  Norman Bednar                                                        Elaine Oteman

                             x                                                                           x

                  Helene Barry  (*1929)                                          Peter Eugene Barry  (*1927)



                                                   They are brother and sister



VII.54  Roger BEDNAR , born 01/11/1929 Racine WI, marr. 09/04/1955 Waukegan Il. Spouse is Patricia HAGERTY , born 06/02/1936 Racine WI.

From this marriage:

1.         Lori     BEDNAR , born 27/03/1955 Racine WI (see also VIII.120).

2.         Debbie BEDNAR , born 19/03/1956 Racine WI (see also VIII.122).

3.         Brian   BEDNAR , born 29/06/1957 Racine WI

4.         Linda   BEDNAR , born 30/07/1960 Racine WI  (see also VIII.125).

5.         Pamela (Pammy) BEDNAR , born 26/11/1963 Racine WI .

6.         Wendy BEDNAR , born 06/07/1965 Racine WI

7.         Scott     BEDNAR , born 13/09/1972 Racine WI


VII.56  Frank BEDNAR , born 10/08/1933 Racine WI, marr. 11/02/1952 Racine WI. Spouse is Marlene DOWNEY , born 10/09/1932 Burlington.

From this marriage:

1.         Mark BEDNAR , born 03/02/1956 Racine WI .

2.         Gary  BEDNAR , born 03/09/1959 Racine WI, marr. 30/07/1982 Racine WI. Spouse is Margaret GRANGER , born Racine WI

3.         Ronald (Ron) BEDNAR , born 06/06/1963 Racine WI


VII.58  Richard BEDNAR , born 08/08/1935 Racine WI, marr. 25/09/1955 Racine WI. Spouse is Laverne HENGST , born 19/05/1935 Racine WI .

From this marriage:

1.         Kim  BEDNAR , born 19/12/1955 Washington, marr. 09/09/1978 Union Grove WI. Spouse is Sharon ARTHUR , born Racine WI

2.         Terri BEDNAR , born 29/11/1956 Racine WI  (see also VIII.136).

3.         Keith BEDNAR , born 28/09/1960 Racine WI (see also VIII.137).

4.         Traci BEDNAR , born 04/12/1962 Racine WI. (see also VIII.140).

5.         Kurt BEDNAR , born 05/01/1967 Racine WI.


VII.61  Jacqueline FLEURY , born 05/06/1929 Racine WI, died .. .. 1988, marr. 12/02/1955 Racine WI (St.Patrick.) Will BRADLEY , born 30/08/1925 Racine WI .

From this marriage:

1.         Daniel (Dan) BRADLEY , born 23/01/1956 Racine WI , marr. 07/10/1983 St.Paul MN, Desi LARSON .

2.         Kevin            BRADLEY , born 11/10/1959 Racine WI, marr. 18/07/1983 Jerilyn SOKOLASKI .

3.         Tamara (Tami) BRADLEY , born 20/04/1963 Racine WI


VII.62  Thomas (Tom) FLEURY , born 09/09/1931 Racine WI , marr. 23/08/1952 Joan TARR .

From this marriage:

1.         Patrick (Pat) FLEURY , born 10/11/1953, died 14/04/1982.

2.         Michael        FLEURY , born 01/12/1955, marr. Marty SPRINGER .

3.         Sharon         FLEURY , born 25/03/1960.

4.         Amy             FLEURY , born 24/10/1966.

5.         Joan             FLEURY , born 21/03/1972.

6.         Cathy           FLEURY , marr. Robert DORCLON .


VII.65  Mary Celine OTEMAN , born 05/04/1928 Pestigo WI

St.Rita's Catholic School in Racine WI

St.Catherine's H.S. in Racine WI

College (1 year) St.Mary's School of Nursing in Milwaukee WI

Hobbies: Ceramics, Walking, Line Dancing, Sewing, Gardening.


Marr. 17/07/1949 Racine WI, church marr. 17/09/1949 Racine WI  (St.Rita's Cath.Ch.) John Wallace ZIMPRICH , Mechanical Engineer, born 26/04/1927 Racine WI , died 09/02/1994 Knoxville TN.

Holy Name School in Racine WI

Park High School in Racine WI

University of Wisconsin ( 2 years) Madison WI

Hobbies: Model air planes, model trains.

From this marriage:

1.         David             ZIMPRICH , born 17/07/1954 Milwaukee WI (see also VIII.155).

2.         Susan (Sue)    ZIMPRICH , born 18/09/1956 Racine WI (see also VIII.158).

3.         Thomas Allan ZIMPRICH , born 24/08/1958 Racine WI (see also VIII.159).

4.         Jeanne Marie ZIMPRICH , born 06/10/1963 Elgin IL (see also VIII.162).


VII.67  Elaine Genevievre OTEMAN , Homemaker, born 05/09/1929 Racine WI.

St.Rita's and St.Joseph's Catholic Schools.

St Catherine's Catholic High School.

Hobbies: Golf, Reading, Walking.


Marr. 03/11/1951 Racine WI, Church marr. 03/11/1931 Racine WI  (St.Mary's Cath.Ch.) Peter Eugene BARRY , President of Thiem Corporation, President of Coppers Inc. Born 16/03/1927 Racine WI

St.Mary's Catholic School Racine WI

St.Catherine's High School Racine WI

Hobbies: Golf.

From this marriage:

1.         Patricia Ann BARRY , born 23/09/1952 Racine WI  (see also VIII.164).

2.         Ann Marie    BARRY , speech language pathologist Racine WI unified schools. Born 26/03/1955 Racine WI .

St.Rita’s and St.Mary’s Cath. Schools.

Alverno Catholic College Milwaukee WI

Degree: Master of Science‑Speech Pathology

Hobbies: Reading, golf, tennis, jogging, biking, computer science and technology related to communication devices.

3.         Sally Ann      BARRY , born 12/12/1956 Racine WI (see also VIII.167).

4.         Roberta Ann BARRY , born 30/04/1961 Racine WI (see also VIII.169).

5.         James Peter  BARRY , born 23/06/1963 Racine WI  (see also VIII.170).


VII.69  Jean Ann OTEMAN , born 25/05/1931 Racine WI, died 16/05/1993 Racine WI ).

Pancreas Cancer

Buried at the Holy Cross cemetery in Racine WI in a mausoleum.

Marr. 05/06/1954 Racine WI  (St.Rita's Cath.Ch.) Glen Elwin HANSEN , born 23/05/1930 Racine WI  died 06/05/1995 Racine WI.

Prostate Cancer

Buried at the Holy Cross cemetery in Racine WI in a mausoleum.

From this marriage:

1.         Paula Jeanne HANSEN , born 08/12/1958 Racine WI  (see also VIII.173).

2.         Celeste A.      HANSEN , born 11/01/1963 Racine WI (see also VIII.175).

3.         Gail Ann       HANSEN , born 27/09/1965 Racine WI  (see also VIII.177).


VII.71  Martha Therese OTEMAN , born 10/02/1933 Racine WI

Martha is interested in the family history.  Since her divorce Martha has a good girl friend, an ex nun, Monica Saksefski, 5811 Cambridge Cir.# 4,Racine WI. 53404

Internet: [email protected]

Monica keeps  on the computer the the genealogy records of the Oteman and Kroes families in America.


Marr. 13/02/1954 Racine WI , church marr. 14/02/1954 (St.Rita's Cath.Ch.), div. Racine WI  Rueben CARRENO , born 11/08/1930 Chicago IL.

From this marriage:

1.         Jennifer Marie   CARRENO , born 06/03/1955 Racine WI, died 06/03/1955 Racine WI.

2.         Elizabeth           CARRENO , born 06/05/1958 Racine WI.

St.Patrick's Catholic School Racine WI

High School: William Horlick High Racine WI

3.         Gregory Ruben CARRENO , born 13/10/1960 Racine WI (see also VIII.180).

4.         Stephen              CARRENO , Service Manager, born 18/06/1965 Racine WI

St.Rita's School Racine WI

Gilmore jr.High Racine WI

High School: William Horlick High Racine WI

College: Carthage College‑Kenosha  WI



Degree: Bs.Political Science


VII.72  George Conrad (George) OTEMAN , Businessman. Born 24/09/1938 Racine WI

Manufacturer's Representative.

St.Rita's Catholic School Racine WI                                       

Catherine's Catholic High School Racine WI

College: U/Wisconsin/Racine WI and Milwaukee

Degree: BBA

Today George has a business of his own: GLO Sales Association Inc. (precision glass). He has an office downtown in a property, part of which he lets out on lease. His son Michael works together with him. Office address: 2056 Taylor Ave. North Unit, Racine WI.53403.

Tel:414 633 5141

Fax:414 633 0465

After his highs school George started working as a cabinet maker  at Racine Wood Products when attending college. He did some work for that compagny in the convent of the Sisters Dominicans in Racine WI. (near the Lake) While he worked he studied at the university and got his BA in marketing and financing. Then he started as a salesman for a company and did so well that he won several prizes as best salesman. In 1976 he started  his own business and when his son, Michael finished his studies, he came in his father's business.

When Henk and Wim Oteman visited George and Mary Lou in Racine WI, George showed them a lot of, for the family, historical places: the houses of William and Betty, Conrad, his father and Martha, George Kroes etc., the churches St.Rita, St.Joseph, the St.Rita school, the Holy Cross cemetery. More over he took them to Little Chute, where William and Betty had lived for some years after landing in the States. In Appleton they found several birth-certificates of the family. A real high-point of the visit was the family-gathering that George and Mary Lou organised on Sunday, October 13th. and where a lot of family-members were invited.

Although Henk and George differ in age about 11 1/2 year, they bear a remarkably physical resemblance to each other. {There grandfathers were brothers!)

                      Present at the family meeting on October 13th. 1996 were:


Aunt Ceil, the youngest daughter of William Oteman en Betje Kroes. 84 years Timothy Hady, Ceil's only son.

Pamela Kramer Petit, Mathew Kramer's wife.

George Oteman, son of Ceil's brother George I.

Mary Lou Hünnekens, George's II wife.

Henk Oteman from Boxtel, Netherlands, second cousin of George II.

Wim Oteman  from the Netherlands, second cousin of George II.

Elaine Barry Oteman , George's II sister.

Peter Barry, Elaine's husband.

Ann Mary Barry. Elaines daughter.

Martha Carreno Oteman, George's II sister.

Monica, Martha's friend.

Gail Peltier Hansen, third daughter of George's II deceased sister Jean Ann.

Richard Peltier, Gail's second husband.

Erik Peltier, Gail's little son..

Michael Oteman, George's II eldest son.

Jane Oteman, George's II eldest daughter.

Jennifer Frontier Oteman, George's II second daughter.

Tony Frontier, Jennifer's husband.

Carolyn Kramer Oteman, George's II sister.

Matthew Kramer, her adopted son.


                                    The American Oteman Branch.                  

                                      J. William Oteman 1865-1941  

                                                       x 1890

                                      Elisabeth Kroes       1871-1962


    |            |            |         |          |       |          |           |           |           |          |           | 

Mary  Minnie   Hattie  Conr.  Ann  Liz . George  Rose   Pauline Gerty  Dorot.  Ceil                                                                                                                                                                                                  


         |               |                    |                     |                    |                  |                 |

     Mary        Elaine             Jean            Martha        George       Carolyn      David 

     1928         1929          1931-1993       1933            1938            1943          1948

         |               |                    |                     |                    |                   |                |

  David         Patricia   1      Paula    1      Jennifer         Michael     Matthew   Andrew 1

  Susan         An-Marie        Celeste 2      Elisabeth        Jane  1                          Paul

  Thomas 1   Sally-An 2      Gail      3      Gregory          Jennifer 2

  Jeanne        Roberta  3                            Stephen         David

                     James    4


1.Michael     1.Emily         1.Stephanie                        1.Elie                             1.Quin

                     2.Laura            Sarah                               2. Hannah                          Jacob

                        Jane           2.Gabrielle                              Samuel

                     3.Genevieve     Timothy

                        James         3.Eric