Kroes Family 4


Kroes Family 5

                                       A remarkable pedigree encounter Croes/Kroes


                                          Thierry Croes     (1736‑1806)

                                                      x 1765

                                           Catharina Reysen  (….   1795)



   Gerardus Croes      (1771-1811 x 1796) Aleida Engelen      (1769‑1856)


                     |                                                                             |    

   Carolus Croes      (1797‑1878)    --------------      Paulus  Kroes         (1803‑1887)

                    x 1839                                                                   x 1830

   Gertruda Drevers  (1806‑1849)                            Gertruda Willemse (1807‑1888)

   ___________________________               ______________________________

              |                                                                                    |        

   Cornelius J Croes    (1844‑1928)                          Johanna Kroes       (1838‑1903)

              x 1880                                                                         x 1862

   Johanna Van Loon  (1851‑1928)                          Arnoldus Tromp     (1831‑1881)

   ____________________________            _______________________________

              |                                                                                    |

   Johan Croes            (1893‑ )                                Arnoldus J.Tromp   (1863‑1927)

             x 1927                                                                           x 1902

   Grada M.v.Haren    (1902‑ )                               Theodora Kropman ( 1878 ‑1947)

   ____________________________               ______________________________

              |                                                                                     |    

              |                                                                 Joseph Tromp       (1911‑ )

              |                                                                                    x 1941

              |                                                                 Helena Thoonsen  (1909)

              |                                                       _______________________________

              |                                                                                      |

   Robertus C.Croes  (1942‑ )              X                Theodora D.E.M.Tromp (1946‑ )


                             |                                                               |

           Yvonne Maria Croes  (1970 )             Robertus Carolus J. Croes  (1972‑)  



Marr. 15/01/1968 Nijmegen Theodora Dominica Elisabeth Maria TROMP (see also VII.3).

From this marriage:

1.         Yvonne Maria CROES , born 30/10/1970 Nijmegen NL.

2.         Robertus Carolus Johannes CROES , born 31/08/1972 Nijmegen NL


VI.2     Joseph TROMP , born 26/10/1911 Nijmegen NL, marr. .. 04 1941 Heumen  NL Helena THOONSEN , born 10/07/1901 Neerbosch.NL

From this marriage:

1.         Theodora Dominica Elisabeth Maria TROMP , born .. 01 1946 Malden NL (see also VII.3).


VI.5     Theodora (Dorah) KROES , born 19/09/1894 Racine WI. Died 12-08-1963 Racine WI, marr. 11/05/1922 Racine WI Frank KORZINEK .

From this marriage:

            1.         Mary KORZINEK, born 1935

2.         Wilbur KORZINEK , born .. .. 1924 Racine WI, died .. 10 1984.

When he became a priest he was called father Frank. He was ordained on May 17th..1953 and was of the Order of Glenmary Missionaries.


3.         Richard  (Dick)KORZINEK , Priest.

He served in the US Army during WW II in the South Pacific, New Guinea, Palau Islands, the Riukus, the Phillipines and Japan. He studied at the Marquette University in Milwaukee and at the age of 25 he entered St.Francis Seminary in Milwaukee. After that he studied at the Catholic University of Washingyon D.C. after which he entered the Order of  St.Camillus.( Servant of the Sick). Then he studied one year at Verona, Italy.

Then followed 4 years of study at the Gregorian University and the Angelicum in Rome. Ther Ordonation  took place in St. Peter’s Basilica  on May 12th. 1953 in Rome.  His brother Wilbur was ordained almost at the same time in Cincinnati USA May 17th. 1953.( He was a Glenmary Missionary.) Both celebrated their silver jubilee as priests on July 9th.. 1978 in Racine WI.

After Ordination , Richard returned to America and worked as a master of novices and hospital chaplain. He served as the Provincial superior of the order in U.S. for 12 years ad for the past 14 years Richard has been serving  as  pastor in Merrimac, 35 miles north of Madison WI., near  Baraboo WI., in two small rural churches, St.Camillus and St.Mary’s in Merrimac WI.

For the past 25 years he also has done considerable work in charismatic renewal within the Church.

While studing in Rome, back in 1952 and 1953 , he has visited the Netherlands several times and stayed with relatives for several weeks, especially the Gerard Kroes family at Nijmegen. He especilally enjoyed visiting Aunt Mary Hoenselaar at the old homestead at Ooy. An he was able to visit some of the others Kroes’s as well at that time.

4.         Geraldine          KORZINEK (see also VII.7).

5.         Eugene              KORZINEK (see also VII.8).

6.         Mary                 KORZINEK (see also VII.11).


VI.14   Stephen Anthony KROES , born 04/12/1903 Racine WI.

Also the name G. Culutte is mentioned as spouse.


Marr. 14/06/1930 Oconto WI. Spouse is Ann DALATA .

From this marriage:

1.         Roger L. KROES .

Made on July 26th.1981 a family record.

2.         Ralph        KROES , Priest.

Order of the Mary-knolls.

3.         Bob        KROES .

4.          Carol     KROES .VI.19


VI.19   Theodora (Dorah) KROES , marr. George LANGEFELD .

Uncle, of Genevievre and Catherine Langenfeld, who both were respectively married  with George and Conrad Oteman.

She died at the age of 92 years in Racine on December 19, 1996 ( born 1904).

From this marriage:

1.         Ceil                         LANGEFELD .

2.         Jerome                   LANGEFELD .

3.         Silvester (Leister)   LANGEFELD .

4.         Rita                         LANGEFELD .

5.         Larry                      LANGEFELD .

6.         George (George jr.) LANGEFELD .


VI.25   Anna Maria (Mary) OTEMAN , House-maker, born 13/01/1892 Little Chute WI.

Birth-certificate:Father: Wilhelm Otemann and mother: Elisabeth Kroes, originating from the Netherlands. Profession of father :" Labourer"


Died 15/06/1948.

Aunt Betty writes in July 30th.1948 a letter to cousin Jan Oteman in Wijk bij Duurstede NL, that she had to announce the sad news that her daughter, of whom she always reported,  died in June 15th. She had been in hospital for the last few days. That was good, for she couldn't stand the heat of the summer any more.....!

The youngest daughter feels better again  ( Ceil at the age of 36 ?) and there is no need to operate upon.

Very soon she, Bettie, will go to her daughter at the farm (Pauline’s farm, married with Henry Milbauer), where it is  healthier than in town. (Racine WI)  " Thank God, I, myself feel well."

Some days before Aunt Betty had sent again a parcel to Wijk  in the Netherlands to Jan Oteman and family with clothes and food  (1948!)  " We are glad that we are able to help you because everything is so expensive with you.  Here everything is very expensive too, but especially the foodstuffs are extremely expensive, but "people" also earn a lot of money.!"

Aunt Betty is 77 years at the time. Her husband died  7 years before. (1941). She became 91 years herself. (+1962)

Mary always had a delicate health.  She suffered from multiple sclerosis.  (heart)


Marr. Edward SANDERS .

Edward Sanders was "sponsor" at the "confirmation" of George's son George.

From this marriage:

1.         George   SANDERS .( George Oteman,s Godfather)

2.         Bernard SANDERS .

3.         Dorothy SANDERS .

4.         Joan       SANDERS 
5.         Edward  SANDERS .


VI.27   Henrica Wilhelmina (Minnie) OTEMAN , born 20/06/1893 Little Chute WI.

Birth Certificate:(The name Henrica is mentionned on the official birthcertificate, thought the next child is named also Henrica!)

Parents: Wilhelm Oteman, profession "labourer" and Elisa Kroes. Both from Holland.


            Died 02/08/1975, or 02/09/1975

Buried at the Holy Cross Cemetery at Racine WI. (Photograph)


Marr. 29/09/1914 Racine WI. Spouse is Gerhardt (Jerry) LUI , born 19/09/1892 Racine WI , died 24/05/1948 Racine WI.

Buried at Holly Cross Cemetery in Racine WI.( See picture)


From this marriage:

1.         William Mathias  LUI , born 02/03/1916 Racine WI (see also VII.27).

2.         Jerome A.             LUI , born 03/09/1918 Racine WI (see also VII.29).

3.         Raymond John     LUI , born 13/02/1921 Racine WI (see also VII.31).

4.         Rosemary Celine  LUI , born 26/04/1923 Racine WI  (see also VII.34).

5.         Virginia                 LUI , born 28/10/1925 Racine WI  (see also VII.36).

6.         Marceline (Celine) LUI , born 13/04/1929 Racine WI (see also VII.38).


VI.29   Henrica (Hattie) OTEMAN , born 06/03/1895 Little Chute WI


Parents: Wilhelm Oteman en Elisa Kroes.

Profession father: "Labourer". Place of birth parents : Holland.

Here also the official name is Henrica and not Henrietta.

Died 11/08/1981 Racine WI.


Hattie was, with Harold Eugene Kreyche, the founder of the numerous Kreyche‑Oteman branch, who lived in the beginning in Racine WI and later moved to Chicago and got now spread all over the States.

Hattie was a particularly beautiful but also courageous woman. She had a tough life, raising five children all on her own, but nevertheless succeeded in giving her children a very happy childhood, even though it was Depression time and luxuries and even necessities were scarce.!

As a single woman she worked at Hartmann Trunk Company in Racine WI and held some other jobs later. Her education was limited to grammar school, a Catholic one run by a German Priest and a Dutch one. She knew German and some Dutch. (Probably her parents, both from Holland have spoken Dutch at home in the first years after their immigration and the eldest children picked that up.! We know that  mother Betty Kroes had great difficulties to learn the English language and that she only came through  it when the children went to school.)

When her children got to the high school age,  Hatty worked by Wells Gardner, a defence firm, and Hammond Organ.

She bought one and her daughter, Doris, took lessons in playing it, later playing professionally.

Hattie always loved music  (did grandson Richard inherit that?) and read Shakespeare and the Bible. In her own way she was very self educated which inspired her children.

She had a Starck inner player piano and at night all the children liked gather around it singing old time songs.  Still today her son ,Jerry, knows more verses of WWI songs than the veterans of that war! She also loved penny poker games with her sisters, who were mostly centered in the neighbourhood, and she was also a devotee of Bingo.

During the high school years of the children, she met a commercial artist from Chicago and they intended to marry, as the family moved to that city.

But she found out he was divorced and called the marriage off.

The move to the big city gave all the children more opportunities for work and education that otherwise they could not have had. So it was a serendipitous thing.

When she died, her son Gerald and his wife were on  family camping in the wilderness in Canada. It was very sad for them.


Marr. Harold J.Eugene (Eugene) KREYCHE , born 25/05/1898 Sturgeon Bay WI.

Also 1897 is mentioned.


            Died 02/06/1935 Racine WI.

Harold enlisted as a volunteer in the Army in WWI and was part of the American Expeditionary Force (AEF), which was sent to Europe. He fought in the Battle of the Marne in France. He was a Corporal with the field Artillery and was a part of the Red Arrow or 32nd Division.

That should have been in 1916, when he was 18 years old. When the war was over,  he was 20 and he worked for a while with the meat company,  Armors, as an accountant as he had some business college education.

He probably married in 1919 with Hattie Oteman, as Robert is born in 1920.

He was 21 at the time and Hattie 3 years older.

Harold died very young. In WW.I his lungs were badly damaged by gas and, back home he contacted somewhere in 1927/28 tuberculosis and stayed during 8 years in a health resort, where in the end he succumbed to T.B.C. (1935)  His wife and children got left behind in rather poor circumstances, although Hattie finally got a State pension, for which she had to fight for years.

It is clear that the children hardly have any memories  of their father. Gerald was 7  at the time and his father died on his First Communion Day.! This family history is very similar to that of Henk, Ger and Wim Oteman in Holland, who lost their father at a young age and whose mother had to work and show character to give their children a reasonable chance in life and more opportunities than she herself had in hers.

Harold had certain writers talents and wrote a brief history of his experiences in the Army and his penmanship was a thing of beauty.


Son of Joseph KREYCHE and Annie Augusta STRICKERT .

From this marriage:

1.         Robert Joseph (Bob) A.B. en A.M. KREYCHE , born 26/08/1920 Racine WI  (see also VII.39).

2.         Eleanor Mary (Elly)      KREYCHE , born 11/08/1922 Chicago IL(see also VII.43).

3.         Eugene Anthony (Bud) KREYCHE , born 21/10/1924 (see also VII.44).

4.         Gerald F. (Jerry)            KREYCHE , born 19/06/1927 (see also VII.46).

5.         Doris Bernadette           KREYCHE (see also VII.49).


                                               The Kreyche Family.


                                                       NN Krejci


                                                      Anna NN


                                           Mathias Kreyche            1824-1911

                                                           x 1859

                                                  Barbara Novak


                                           Joseph Kreyche              15-08-1896   


                                       Annie Augusta Strickert     1870-1910


                                            Harold Joseph Kreyche  1897-1935


                                            Henrietta Oteman        1895-1981  


    |                           |                           |                          |                            |                          

Robert               Eleanor                Eugene               Gerald                     Doris

1920‑1974      1922‑1984                1924                   1927                          ?

    x                        x                          x                          x                            x

J.Mangold        E.Pabich              L.Dauer               E.Okon                  B.Krask

_________    ________              _________         _________            ___________

    |                          |                           |                           |                             |    

Michael (1)     Edwin (1)              Gene  (1)         Geraldine (1)          Elisabeth (1)

Thomas           Denise                   Mark (2)          Laurence (2)          David      (2)

John                Jeffrey                   Daiel                James      (3)          Karen      (3)

Catherine                                                             Carolyn    (4)         Robert      (4)   

Andrew (2)                                                           Richard    (5)         Peter

                                                                             Paul         (6)


Jessica  1        Michael 1            Virginia 1           Kristin 1                Katherine 1

Carry   1                                    Matthew 2           Jeanne  1                Elias        1

Emma  1                                                               Erik     1

                                                                                                           Jonathan  2

Jordan  2                                                               Philip  2                NN           2

Jordan  2                                                               Jenna   2

Graden 2                                                                                            NN            3

                                                                             Brett     3               NN            3

                                                                             Neil      3

                                                                                                           NN            4

                                                                             Jessica  4               NN             4


                                                                            Kelsey   5

                                                                            Holly      5


                                                                            Cailan   6

                                                                            Steven   6


VI.35   Anne OTEMAN , House maker, born 28/01/1899 Racine WI (Wisconsin) (religion: RK), died 20/08/1959, marr. 15/11/1921 Racine WI Frank BEDNAR , born 26/06/1901 Racine WI, died .. .. 1968 Racine WI.

Son of Frank J.Bednar 10‑09‑1873 ‑ 12‑08‑1951.  Sr. is buried at the Holy Cross Cemetery at Racine WI.

Where Anne is buried?

From this marriage:

1.         Lorraine BEDNAR , born 19/06/1925  Racine WI (see also VII.51).

2.         Norman  BEDNAR ,  born 07/02/1927 Racine WI (see also VII.52).

3.         Roger      BEDNAR ,  born 01/11/1929  Racine WI (see also VII.54).

4.         Frank      BEDNAR ,  born 10/08/1933  Racine WI (see also VII.56).

5.         Richard   BEDNAR ,   born 08/08/1935  Racine WI (see also VII.58).


VI.37   Elisabeth. (Betty) OTEMAN , born 21/08/1901 Racine WI  , marr. 10/09/1927 Racine WI (St.Joseph's), div. .. .. 1941 Joseph FLEURY , born 05/06/1903 Racine WI .

Divorced from Elisabeth.

From this marriage:

1.         Jacqueline        FLEURY , born 05/06/1929 Racine WI (see also VII.61).

2.         Thomas (Tom) FLEURY , born 09/09/1931 Racine WI (see also VII.62).


VI.38   George (George) OTEMAN , Factory worker, carpenter, furniture maker. Born 28/09/1903 Racine WI , died 27/01/1974 Racine WI

Buried at the Holy Cross Cemetery in Racine WI.

Henk en Wim Oteman, on their trip to America, found, together with George jr. his grave and that of his wife, Genevieve Langefeld, the sister of Catherine Langefeld, the first wife of Conrad, George's brother.

In the beginning (1929), George senior and his first 5 children were poorly off. In 1996 Henk Oteman took a photograph of the rather small wooden house, where he lived with his wife and 5 children.( the so called Kramer Addition) That house still exists. His brother, Conrad, lived around the corner also in a very small house.

The children went to St.Rita's Church and St.Rita's school. ( built in 1941, the old school, still there, dates from 1897)

Later on George bought a big stone house, which was build forDr.Shoop for whom the street was named, for $ 3000,‑.Although the house was totally dilapidated, George himself restored and enlarged the house. Actually, he made two houses of it. Henk took pictures of it in 1996. Next to that house, there is a smaller white house, where George  lived when Martha (married  with Rueben Carreno) had bought the white house. Martha lived there until 1991. To day other people live in it.

When his wife died in 1946, George moved again and went to live in another house around the corner.

Marr. 14/06/1927 Racine WI Genevievre LANGEFELD , born 09/02/1907 Racine WI  Died 07/08/1965 Racine WI.

                                                   John Langefeld


                                                   Anne Rademaker


     |             |              |            |           |              |            |            |                   |

Arthur  Edward  Jerome  George  John  Theodor  Thomas  Genevievre  Catherine

     |                                        x                                                  x                  x

Arthur J.                     Dorah Kroes                          George Oteman  Conrad Oteman


George Langefeld, who married Dorah Kroes (daughter of Paul Kroes) was a son of John Langefeld?


The following belong as wives or as children to the above mentioned persons:

Alice.... as wife Arthur?  Bertha.... as wife to Edward?

And the children: Daniel Dwight "Dean" ?  Evelyn .... as wife to Jerome? Evelyn  (* 04‑05‑1909) as wife to Theodoor?  Marjorie.... as wife to Arthur jr.?


From this marriage:

1.         Mary Celine          OTEMAN , born 05/04/1928 Pestigo WI (see also VII.65).

2.         Elaine Genevievre OTEMAN , born 05/09/1929 Racine WI  (see also VII.67).

3.         Jean Ann OTEMAN , born 25/05/1931 Racine WI  (see also VII.69).

4.         Martha Therese    OTEMAN , born 10/02/1933 Racine WI  (see also VII.71).

5.         George Conrad     OTEMAN , born 24/09/1938 Racine WI  (see also VII.72).

6.         Carolyn Rose        OTEMAN , born 31/08/1943 Racine WI (see also VII.75).

7.         David William       OTEMAN , born 16/02/1948 Racine WI (see also VII.76).


VI.41   Rose OTEMAN , born 28/04/1904 Racine WI  (religion: RK), died .. .. 1994, marr. Virgil ELLIS , born 05/01/1910 Bremen IN

Virgil Ellis was a street car conductor in Milwaukee, but all his life wanted to be a farmer. He achieved his dream upon early  retirement, bought a farm in Allentown, WI, and lived there happily for many years. One of his sons was a neighbour of Jerry Kreyche.

From this marriage:

1.         Larry    ELLIS , born 15/07/1931 Milwaukee WI (see also VII.78).

2.         Ronald  ELLIS , born 15/10/1933 Milwaukee WI (see also VII.80).

3.         Herbert ELLIS , born 08/06/1937 Milwaukee WI (see also VII.82).


VI.43   Pauline OTEMAN , born 21/02/1905 Racine WI  (religion: RK), died 29/04/1965 Milwaukee WI.

Her husband was a small man. It was obvious that Pauline was the "boss" at home.

Martha Oteman, George,s sister sold seeds of Henri Milbauer as part of her grade school fund raising activities.

Marr. Henry MILBAUER .

From this marriage:

1.         William   MILBAUER .          Was married. Deceased now.

2.         James      MILBAUER .

3.         Richard   MILBAUER .

4.         Jane Ann MILBAUER .


VI.45   Gertrude (Trudy) OTEMAN , born 16/12/1908 Racine WI  (religion: RK), died 26/09/1980 Madison , marr. 09 1925 Chicago William JENNINGS BELL , born 23/07/1908 Racine WI , died .. .. 1975 Chicago IL.

From this marriage:

1.         William Joseph JENNINGS BELL , born 06/03/1927 Chicago IL (see also VII.88).


VI.47   Dorothy OTEMAN , born 24/12/1911 Racine WI  (religion: RK).

In 1996 declining. (Altzheimer)

All three children of Dorothy are adopted.


Marr. 13/09/1936 Racine WI (St.Joseph's) Eugene MIKULESKY , born 05/08/1913 Racine WI , died 16/11/1966 Racine WI .

Buried at the Holy Cross Cemetery at Racine WI.

From this marriage:

1.         Diana Elizabeth MIKULESKY , born 06/06/1943 Milwaukee WI (see also VII.91).

2.         Mary Lou          MIKULESKY , born 13/08/1945 Milwaukee WI (see also VII.93).

3.         Marelyn             MIKULESKY , born 07/01/1952 Milwaukee WI (see also VII.96).


VI.49   Cecilia (Ceil) OTEMAN , born 22/02/1912 Racine WI .

Her husband Erwing died in 1996 and is buried in a mausoleum at the Holy Cross Cemetery of Racine WI.

Henk and Wim met her, 84 years old, in a very good condition during the family meeting at George Oteman's house on Sunday, October 13th. 1996. She gave Henk a splendid family photograph  from 1915 of the whole Oteman-Kroes  family.

Being the youngest daughter of  William and Betty Oteman  she can't remember so much  from the first few years  in America of  the Oteman family. Her father died when she was 31 and with her eldest sister there is a difference of age of 20 years.! Her mother had lived at Ceils house for a long while.

Ceil is the only one of the  12 children, who went to high school.

She only got one child, Timothy, who has one daughter. Timothy was also at the family gathering at George’s house.


Marr. 23/08/1934 St.Joseph's Erwing R. HADY , born 11/04/1911 Racine WI , died .. .. 1996 Racine WI.

Erwin Hady is buried in a mausoleum at the Holy Cross cemetery at Racine WI


From this marriage:

1.         Timothy R. (Tim) HADY , born 27/01/1947 Racine WI (see also VII.97).


VI.50   Gerardus (Gerrit) KROES , born 19-11-1915, died 30/03/1972 Ooij NL, marr. 1944 Anna LEENDERS .*1919

From this marriage:

1.         Bartholomeus (Bertje) KROES .

Still lives  in Ooij NL at nr.10 in 1993.

He is the son of Geradus Kroes.

Grandfather was Bartolomeus Kroes (1873), sister of Elisabeth Kroes. Grandmother   was Ann Herregraven.

VI.53   Anton KROES .


1.         Patricia KROES .


VI.55   Paulus (Pauw) KROES , born 24/12/1920 Ooij NL. X 1949 Elisabeth Arnts 17-07-1920 Ooij