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The Kroes Family.

The family Kroes or Croes is a Duffelt family and got related to the Oteman family the mariage of Elisabeth ( Betty) Kroes on 27-2-1891 with Johannes Wilhelmus ( William) Oteman at Erlecom.
Betty was 19 years at the time and passed her youth at her fathers , Gerard Kroes , farm " The Big Cat", a monumental farm on the dike along the Waal ( Rhin) at Ooy.
Before she got married,Williams mother , Hendrina Awater, had served as a milkmaid at the same farm.

Shortly after that mariage, on May 13, 1891 , the young couple, emigrated to America and settled down at Little Chute in Wisconsin. William Oteman was blacksmith and his fist three children were born in that place. Later they went to Racine in Wisconsin.
William and Elisabeth have been back to the Netherlands only one time, in 1934, after 43 years! William died in 1941 in Racine and Elisabeth in 1962, 90 years old.
Together with Wiliam and Elisabeth, her brother Theodorus Kroes ( Ted) went with them to the States and in 1998 another brother of Elisabeth, Paul Kroes, emigrated also and came to Wisconsin.

To day many Kroes live in Racine and are spread in all States of USA, like the descendants of William and Elisabeth did. The last got twelve children: two sons and ten daughters.
The Family Kroes is folowed here for as far as they are of importance for the Oteman genealogy.

For those, who are interested in the complete genealogy of the family Kroes, I may refere to the excellent family study of Rob Kroes , who made an extended survey of his family.
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Date        :            09/10/1996

After this date some more ancestors, ascendants,  has been found: ( 21-02-2003)



From this marriage:

1                    Jan abt 1660 x Jantien van Bentum

2                    Sander abt 1662 x Feyken Tonissen en Elisabeth Verwayen

3                    Derksken abt 1662 x Jan Heymen en Johannes Dass

4                    Hendrikus abt 1663 x Elisabeth Peters

5                    Nicolaas abt 1668 x Maria Vanhorst

6                    Anna abt 1661 x R.Schrijvers


Sander CROES, born abt. 1662 and deceased abt. 1713, married abt 1686 to Feyken TONISSEN (abt.1662-1896)

Sander married a second time abt 1696 with Elisabeth VERWAYEN, (1663- 1736 Erlecom). She was married before with a certain Hendrik van Bentum.

From the first marriage:

1.      Pauwell, born 06-04-1687 at Keeken.

2.      Martinus, born  1690, deceased 08-10-1750, married with Johanna Huisman

3.      Hendrijn, born 1692, deceased 1736, married with Rick Ricken

4.      Johanna, born 1695, married with Hermanus Pruijs

5.   Derick

6.   Hernske


Pauwell CROES, born 06-04-1687 at Keeken, deceased 15-01-1750 at Niel. Married in 1715 with Gertruida van Goch

             From this marriage:

2      Maria, born 24-10-1717 at Hulhuizen, Pannerden

3      Maria, born 28-10-1718 at Hulhuizen, Pannerden x Willem de Vries                 1708-14-08-1778

4      Johanna, born 16-06-1720 at Hulhuizen

5.        Johanna, born 17-11-1722 at Hulhuizen x 1748 Baltusa Erms 1698-1785 Niel

6.        Sander, born 19-03-1724 at Hulhuizen

7.        Alexandria, born 28-03-1725 at Hulhuizen

8.        Theodorus, born 28-08-1729 at Hulhuizen

9.        Theodorus (Thierry), born 28-10-1734 at Hulhuizen


I.1            Theodorus (Thierry) CROES (Croes) , born 23-10-1736 Hulhuizen NL.

The name Thierry is French and must have been used during the period of French occupation of that part of Holland and Germany under Napoleon (1795-1810)

Died 12/01/1806 Niel DL, marr. 12/05/1765 Niel DL Catharina REIJSEN , (or Reising) died 21/03/1795 Niel DL.


From this marriage:

1.                  Gerard CROES (Croes) , born 05/08/1771 Niel DL (see also II.1)
2.                  Paulus, born 02-03-1766 in Niel
3.                  Johannes, born 07-12-1767 in Niel
Theodora, born 21-05-1774 in Niel


II.1       Gerard CROES (Croes) , born 05/08/1771 Niel DL, died 16/08/1811 Niel DL.

His son Paul moved from Niel DL, a small village in Germany,  two miles from the Dutch border, to Holland when he got married. Since that period the name Croes (in Germany) changed into Kroes!

He was born in Niel DL. The church there is from 1617.

When Gerard and Paul lived in Niel DL, parts of Germany and Holland were occupied by Napoleon. Paul Croes was six years old when Abraham Lincoln was born. And  his father Gerard was about 30 years old when George Washington died.


Marr. 16/04/1796 Niel D Allegonda (Aleida) ENGELEN , born 17/01/1769 Hasselt, died 17/08/1856 Niel D, dr. of Heinrich ENGELEN and Regina BOOTH .

From this marriage:

1.         Carolus         CROES , born 07/02/1797 Niel DL (see also III.1).

2.         Paulus (Paul) KROES (Croes) , born 11/08/1803 Niel DL (see also III.3).


III.1            Carolus CROES , born 07/02/1797 Niel DL, died 28/11/1878 Niel DL, marr. 30/04/1839 Niel DL Gertruda DREVERS , born 05/03/1806 Niel DL, died 05/01/1849 Niel DL.

From this marriage:

1.         Cornelius Johann CROES , born 15/02/1844 Niel DL (see also IV.1).


III.3     Paulus (Paul) KROES (Croes) , Farmer, born 11/08/1803 Niel DL, chr. (Dld)13/08/1803 Niel DL , died 26/03/1887 Ooij NL (near Nijmegen NL.|

Lived with his wife Gertruda Willemse ( also from Ooij NL) and his 7 children in the farmhouse " The Big Cat" at Ooij NL, Ooijse Bandijk.


Marr. 03/05/1830 Ooij NL Gertruda WILLEMSE , born 18/10/1806 Ooij NL, chr. 27/10/1806, died 28/05/1888 Ooij NL, dr. of Aegidius WILLEMSE and Johanna KREGTING .

From this marriage:

1.         Theodora KROES , born 22/07/1831, died 04/05/1913 Ooij NL, marr. Bartholomeus JANSEN .

2.         Helena     KROES , born 02/08/1835, died 25/02/1929 Ooij NL, marr. Henricus VIERBOOM .

3.         Johanna   KROES , born 11/06/1838 Ooij NL (see also IV.8).

4.         Gerardus (Gradus) KROES , born 20/04/1841 Ooij NL (see also IV.9).

5.         Maria       KROES , born 15/02/1844.

6.         Johannes Baptist KROES , born 24/06/1848 (see also IV.13).

7.         Paulus      KROES , born 23/09/1850 Ooij NL (see also IV.15).



IV.1            Cornelius Johann CROES , born 15/02/1844 Niel DL, died 14/12/1844 Hatert NL, marr. 01/04/1880 Nijmegen NL Johanna Van LOON , born 10/11/1851 Hatert NL, died 08/04/1928 Hatert NL.

From this marriage:

1.         Johan CROES , born 06/10/1893 Nijmegen (see also V.1).


IV.8            Johanna KROES , born 11/06/1838 Ooij NL, died 23/10/1903 Neerbosch NL, marr. 11/04/1862 Niel DL Arnoldus TROMP , born 28/02/1831 Zyfflich DL, died 17/05/1881 Neerbosch (NL).

From this marriage:

1.         Arnoldus Johannes TROMP , born 27/02/1863 Neerbosch  (NL) (see also V.3).


IV.9            Gerardus (Gradus) KROES , born 20/04/1841 Ooij NL, died 23/11/1914 Ooij NL.

In 1868 "The Big Cat", the farmhouse of father Kroes, got divided up. Gradus, married with Anna Maria Arnts (1842‑1882), got the southern part and Paul sr. stayed in the northern part. (Ooijse Dijk 14)

After the death of his father, Paul jr. and his wife, Maria Anna Arnts  (*1855) ,and their 8 children took over that northern part. Also his brother Johan Baptist and his wife, Theodora Arnts with their 9 children , lived there.

Gerardus continued to live in the southern part with his ten children and even after the death of his first wife, Anna Maria , in 1882, with his second wife Wilhelmina Vierboom.

Gradus died in 1914. His daughter Anna Maria (*1882 ) ,whose mother died in the child-bed, married Martinus (Tinus) Hoenselaar (*1890). They had no children and the northern part of "The Big Cat " got out of the hands of theKroes family.


Marr. (1) 05/06/1868 Anna Maria ARNTS , born 27/09/1842 Ooij NL, died 26/04/1882 Ooij NL, marr. (2) 08-11-1882 Ooij Wilhelmina (Mina) VIERBOOM .

From the first marriage:

1.         Theodorus (Ted) KROES , born 05/02/1869 Ooij NL (see also V.5).

2.         Paul KROES , born 17/06/1870 Ooij NL (see also V.7).

3.         Elisabeth (Betje) KROES , born 02/10/1871 Ooij NL. (see also V.10).

4.         Bartholomeus (Bart) KROES , born 22/02/1873 Ooij NL (see also V.11).

5.         Henry KROES , born 03/12/1874, died 20-05-1960.

Got 8 children.

Marr. Theodora LEENDERS , died 28-03-1963.
 6.        Gertruda KROES , born 01/05/1876, died 10-04-1935.

Got 7 children.

Marr. Peter ARNTZ , died .. .. 1966.

7.         Gerard (Gerrit)        KROES , born 11/11/1877 (see also V.17).

8.         Charles (Karel)        KROES , born 30/08/1879 (see also V.19).

9.         Anna Maria (Mary) KROES , born 13-03-1882 Ooij NL.

Her mother Anna Maria died in childbirth. Gradus remarried  Wilhelmina Vierboom.

Died 28/01/1965 Ooij NL, marr. 1917 Ooij NL Martinus (Tinus) HOENSELAAR , born 19-10-1890, died 27-09-1967.


IV.13            Johannes Baptist KROES , born 24/06/1848, died 14/01/1931 Ooij NL.

Marr. Theodora ARNTS .

From this marriage:

1.                  Bartholmeus 1874-1953 Ooij

2.         Gertruida 1875 Ooij

3.         Elisabeth 1877-1882

4.         Paul 1879 Ooij- 1964 Boxmeer

5.         Jan Baptist KROES , born 01-06-1881 Ooij NL (see also V.23).

6.                  Henricus, 1883 Ooij 1950 Racine Wi. Emigrated 1911 with 4 children to

America ( Racine Wisconsin). Married with Everdina Claassen. 12 Children:  John 1907, Marie 1908, Dorothy 1909, Minnie 1910, William 1911, Bill 1812, Mary (nun) 1914, Netty 1915, Hank 1916, Ted 1920, George 1921, Georgina 1921.

7.         Elisabeth 1885

8.         Theodor 1887-1910

9.         Arnoldus 1889-1907

10.          George, 1899-1986 emigrated 1923  to America (Kimberley, Racine Wisconsin).

Married with Josephine Bergervoet 1891-1964. 9 children: John 1922, Hank 1931, Paul 1933, Marie, Dorie ( married with John Madala), Lambert, George, Josephine, Theodore.


IV.15   Paulus KROES , Farmer, born 23/09/1850 Ooij NL, chr. 24/09/1856 Ooij NL, died 01/12/1916 Ooij NL.

Got 8 children.

After the death of his father (also a Paulus) in 1867, he lived with his wife and 8 children in the northern part of the farmhouse in Ooij NL, together with his brother Johan Baptist (married with Theodora Arnts  (*1868)) and their 9 children.


Marr. 02/05/1879 Ubbergen NL Johanna Maria ARNTS , born 15/08/1855 Ubbergen NL, died 17/08/1914 Ubbergen NL, dr. of Bartholomeus ARNTS and Elisabeth BRAAM .

From this marriage:

1.         Gertruida Paulina KROES , born 31-03-1881 Ooij NL, died 05/04/1913 Ooij NL, marr. Cornelis ARTS , born 12-12-1875, deceased 21-12-1937.

In 1920 the southern part of  "The Big Cat" begot divided up. Cornelis Arts lived there, who successively married two daughters of Paulus Kroes.

Arts rented the house of Paulus Kroes  (*1888) and lived there with his wife, daughter and two sisters‑in‑law.

In 1923 Bartholomeus, who left Ooij NL in 1898 for Nijmegen, a  Dutch city at  3 miles' distance, came back, bought nr.10 and started farming.


2.         Bartholomeus Johannus KROES , born 02/05/1884 Ubbergen NL (see also V.27).
3.         Paulus KROES , born 14-05-1886 Ooij NL, died 04/06/1964 Ooij NL, marr.

Johanna A. JANSSEN.

4.         Henricus Gerardus KROES, born 14-05-1886 Ooij , died 06-07-1960 Ooy,  married with Maria Cornelissen

5.         Elisabeth Johanna KROES , born 11-04-1888 Ooij NL (see also V.31).

6.         Johanna Maria   KROES , 1894-1967

7.         Maria Gertruida    KROES, 1897-1969

8          Theodora Helena KROES, 1898-1946


V.1      Johan CROES, born 06/10/1893 Nijmegen NL, marr. 29/12/1927 Nijmegen NL Grada Maria Van HAREN, born 15/11/1902 Nijmegen NL.

From this marriage:

1.         Robertus Carolus CROES, born 06/02/1942 Nijmegen NL (see also VI.1).


V.3            Arnoldus Johannes TROMP, born 27/02/1863 Neerbosch NL, died 21/08/1927 Nijmegen NL, marr. 26/06/1902 Nijmegen NL Theodora KROPMAN , born 26/09/1878 Hatert NL, died 09/01/1947 Nijmegen.NL

From this marriage:

1.         Joseph TROMP , born 26/10/1911 Nijmegen NL (see also VI.2).


V.5            Theodorus (Ted) KROES , Farmer, born 05/02/1869 Ooij NL, died 22/05/1944 Racine WI.

Buried Calvary Cemetery Racine WI.

St. Johnís Church.

Theodorus (Ted) emigrated to USA in 1891 together with his sister Elisabeth and married in Racine WI with Grada Schennink or Schenning. (from Holland)

Theodorus sister Elisabeth married William Oteman before they left Holland.


Marr. 25/09/1893 Racine WI. Spouse is Grada SCHENNINK , born 10/10/1868 Ooij NL, died 14/07/1927 Racine WI.

Calvary Cemetery Racine WI

Church St.Joseph.


Dr. of Anton Schennink SCHENNINK .

From this marriage:

1.         Theodora (Dora) KROES , born 19/09/1894 Racine WI. (see also VI.5).

2.         Marie Ann KROES , born 21/01/1896 Racine WI, marr. 05/06/1924 Peter HENKES .( both deceased) Children: Jerome, Jacqueline (deceased ) and Mary Jane ( x Horlitz)

3.         George  KROES , born 13/04/1897 Racine WI, died 02/02/1951 Racine WI. Married 1938. Josephine VANELLA , born 1912 (lives in a homr , 85 years) Children: Richard, Mary Colette (x Langefelt), Georgi Amne (deceased) .

4.         Anthonnette  KROES , born 28/03/1899 Racine WI, died 02/04/1899 Racine WI.

5.         Anthony  (Anton) Jacob KROES , born 06/08/1900 Racine WI, died 29/07/1970 Racine WI, married 1938. Mae HAGLUND . Deseased. Children: Partricia, Ted, Susan, James, Lawrence.

6.         Paul Cornelius KROES , born 30/05/1902 Racine WI, died 16/02/1906 Racine WI.

7.         Stephen (Stevin) Anthony KROES , born 04/12/1903 Racine WI. (see also VI.14).deceased 1982, Married. Anna Dolata. (died in childbirth) Children: Ralph (Maryknold father), Carol, Robert and Roger, twins.

8.         Cecilia (Celia) Rita KROES , born 06/12/1905 Racine WI.Desased. Never married.Died 1989
Paul  K
ROES , born 13/05/1908 Racine WI, died 1987. Mar. Katherine Sawinsky


            Children: Thomas, Barbara, David ( Died at the age of 2. Auto accident), Gary.


V.7      Paul KROES , born 17/06/1870 Ooij NL, died 06-06-1950 in Little Chute.

Paul emigrated in 1898 to the United States as his brother Ted and his sister Betty.

Married Mary WILLEMSEN, born in Little Chute 14-12-1878, died 30-11-1938 Little Chute .

From this marriage:


1.         Theodora   KROES ( Dorah)(see also VI.19).

2.         Rosa           KROES .

3.         George       KROES .

4.         Paul            KROES .

5.         Henk           KROES .
6.         Mina            KROES
7.         Anne Marie KROES
8.         Marie           KROES
9.         Lena             KROES
10.       Hattie           KROES
11.       Sophie          KROES


V.10            Elisabeth (Betty) KROES , born 02/10/1871 Ooij NL (Gem.Ubbergen.), died 08/02/1962 Racine WI.

Betty became 90 years old and remained healthy almost to the end of her life. When she broke her hip, she deteriorated very quickly.


Bur. 12/02/1962 Mt.Plaisance Racine WI.

She lived at that moment at 1701 Edgewood Ave. Racine WI.


Elisabeth Oteman‑Kroes:

Elisabeth, who, together with William Oteman, is the founder of the American Oteman‑Kroes pedigree, was the third child of the 9 children of Gerardus Kroes (1841‑1914) and Anna Maria Arnts (1842‑1882)

The latter died in 1882 in childbirth of Elisabethís youngest sister Anna Maria.

She lived with her family in the farmhouse "The Big Cat" in Ooij NL, which is a small village on the border of the river Rhine (called Waal at that place), three miles from Nijmegen NL, a frontier city of  150.000 inhabitants and very close to the German border.

When she was 19 years old, she married William Oteman, whose mother had been in her youth a milkmaid at her grandfather's farm!

Together with William and her brother Theodorus (Ted) she emigrated in 1991 to the United States, to Little Chute WI., where she had lived for about 5 years. Her first three children were born there. Then she moved to Racine WI, where William had found work at  J.I.Case Co. and she lived there for the rest of her life. She became 90 years old and  lies buried at the Holy Cross Cemetery at Racine WI.

Theodoor (Ted) Kroes, her brother, who died in Racine WI. in 1944, was married with Grada Schennink (Schennings), who is originally from Nijmegen in the Netherlands. Their daughter Dorah married Frank Korzinek, whose grandfather came from Neurn (Checkoslovakia).

Her grandmother came from Germany. Two sons of Dora  became priests:  Richard and Wilbur, who , when he became a priest, was called Francis. Richard served during WW II in the U.S Airforce. ( See letter of Febr.18th..1954 and picture of Betty Kroes together with Dora and Richard.

Father Richard still lives in Barboo WI. as a pastor.


History of the farmhouse of the Kroes family, "The Big Cat"


About 1820, Paulus Kroes, born in Niel DL, Germany, just on the other side of the frontier with Holland, near Nijmegen, became foreman at the farm "The Big Cat" (Tiengeboden at Ooij NL), at the time property of the ladies Van de Wedden from Nijmegen. (Gerrit van de Wedden was a land and a brickworksowner of  e.g. Brienenswaard, later called the " Vlietberg").

In 1850 Paulus, meanwhile the owner of the farm, lives there with Gertruida Willemse (*1806), his wife, originally from Ooij NL, and their 7 children: Gradus  (*1841), Johannes Baptist  (*1848), Paulus (* 1850), Theodora (*1831), Helena (*1835), Maria( *1844) and Jan (*1838).

Also lived there in 1850 the hands : Arnoldus van Aken, Albert Wijnands en Hendrik Brinkhof and the milkmaids: Maria Mondi, Hendrina Polman and Hendrina Awater(!) .


In 1868  "The Big Cat"  (meanwhile property of the Kroes) was split upon: son

Gradus  (*1841) takes the southern part and Paulus sr. stays in the northern part.  (Ooijse Bandijk 14)


After the death of Paulus sr. (* 1802), Paulus jr. ( 1850) lives there with his wife Anna Maria Arnts (1855‑1882) and 8 children, together with his brother Johannes Baptist (*1848), his wife Theodora Arnts (*1868) and their 9 children.


Gradus (*1841), in the southern part, married Anna Maria Arnts (1842 ‑1882) and after her death ,Wilhelmina Vierboom. There were 10 children from the first marriage of whom Theodorus (*1869)  and Elisabeth (* 1871)  emigrated to America in 1891. Bartolomeus (*1873) moved to Nijmegen, and , later in 1898 Paulus also went to Little Chute WI. 

In 1914 Gradus died and his daughter Anna Maria (*1882), ( whose mother, also named Anne Marie,  died in the childbed), married in 1917 Martinus  (Tinus) Hoenselaar  (* 1890). They had no children.


In 1920 the southern part was split up: Cornelis Arts  (*1876) lived at Nr.10, married with Paulus jr's (*1850) daughter Geertruida Petronella Kroes (*1881) and after her death , in 1913, with her sister Elisabeth Johanna Kroes  (*1888)

Arts rented the house from Paul III (*1885) and lived there with his wife, daughter and two sisters‑in‑law Kroes.


In 1923  Bartholomeus (1873), who left in 1898 for Nijmegen, came back to Ooij NL, bought the house nr.10 and started farming.


The southern part nr.12 was  in use of Jan Baptist Kroes II  (*1861), son of Johannes Baptist  (*1846) with his wife Hendrika van Huet (*1879) and their Belgian foster child, Theophile Meulemans.

In 1927 Jan Baptist, his wife and child went away and this part of the farmhouse changed into other hands.


Bartolomeus  (*1873) still occupies Nr.10 with his wife Hendrina Derks  (*1876). Son Gradus  (Gerrit 1916‑1972) continued the business. Today,  (1993) his son Bartholomeus (Bertje) lives there.

Hendrina Awater:


Hendrina Awater, who in 1850, as a 20 years old girl, was employed by Paulus Kroes sr. (*1802) as a milkmaid, is the same Hendrina Wilhelmina Awater, born in Erlecom in 1828 who married Conrad Oteman on May, 8th.1857.

It is remarkable that her son Willem Oteman  (* 1865) got married with the daughter of Paulus sr's granddaughter , Elisabeth (Betty) Kroes (*1871),  on Febr. 17th. 1891, the year they emigrated to the United States.