Parental House 5






n March 9 1965 mother and children go as yet to the notary ( Arend J.Sernee in Beek) and an inventory is as yet drawn up, retrospective from the moment of father Gerrits death.

There were two parties: Helena for herself , as guardian of the youngest son Gerardus and as mandatory of all children, except the oldest Henk, who acts for himself and as co-guardian of his youngest brother Gerardus (Geert, still a minor.)

To estimate the value of the immovable the county judge in Nijmegen had appointed three experts on Jan. 18: Gerardus Theodore Mulder, building-contractor in Leuth, Steenheuvelsestreet 59, Antonius Andreas Jeuken, tiller in Leuth, Steenheuvelsestraat 68 and Bernardus Theodore Hermanus Daamen, tiller and fruit farmer in Leuth, Steenheuvelsestraat 7

Gerardus Mulder had also to estimate the movable.

The deed of the estimation is missing. ( has to be traced yet.)

( To memorise: Helena can claim the half + 1/8 of the other half. The other children can claim 1/8 of the other half each, which is 648,93.)

Most of the children were still at home and were not in want of that money at the moment and so little really changed in daily life. Except one small payment to oldest son Henk.

Helena kept the whole house and went on living there with five children. ( When she died in 1775, three married children turned out to have received their fathers inheritance in the meantime)

The deed was signed by widow Oteman-Jans, H.C.W.Oteman, H.Lohman, F.Kerkhof and A.J. Sernee.

(Register part 187 nr.1911. March 11 1965. 1326 nr.112.)




elena Hendrika Oteman-Jans dies on Dec. 27 .1975 in Erlecom ( County of

Ubbergen). The notification for the right of succession is done and signed by the youngest son, Gerardus Wilhelmus Maria Oteman, mechanic (* 23-12-1947) and still living at home, Erlecomseweg 42 and Wilhelmus (Willie) Antonius Oteman, building-worker ( 17-05-1937) in Erlecom. Erlecomseweg The both also act on behalf of their brothers: Hendrikus (Henk) Coenraad Wilhemus, mechanic, in Ubbergen, Thilman Werenbertzstraat 3, (15 06-1932) , Coenraad (Coen) Johannes, driver in Leuth , Steenheuvelsestraat 40 (*02-09-1934); Nicolaas (Niek) Herman, driver in Leuth, Pinksterbloemstraat 42 (*02-02-1936); Jozef ( Joep)Albert, engine driver in Erlecom (*10-03-1950) and  Albert (Bert) ;Gerard, Erlecomseweg 48  (*14-12-1944)                                      

Three of the boys are still at home: Joep, Willie and Albert.

Gerard and Willie have a private deed of proxy of the other brothers, which is in the protocol of notary Th. van der Heide in Beek.


They declare that:

On Dec.27. 1975 Helena Hendrika Jans , not remarried and widow of Gerardus Hendrikus Oteman died.

There is no last will, so each of the children can claim 1/7 of the inheritance which is:



Premises, yard and ground in Erlecom, Erlecomsestraat 48, worth 56.000,- ( taxation report of estate agent Steenmans in Beek. Worth free sale!) As the three children still live there, there is no question of free sale and the worth is indicated (for taxes) as 40.000,-

Furniture: 800,-

Bank balances:

a. Rabobank Leuth        9439,74

b. Rijkspost Spaarbank     442,27

c. Rabobank Beek             778,13

d. Centrale Volksbank       459,79

Total assets                  51.955,93


( That the family had several bank accounts is probably the consequence of the indemnities they received from several sides for the damaged house in the period 1945-1955)



Still to pay fathers inheritances after the division of property d.d. March 9, 1965 at notary A.J. Sernee, to Willie, Gerard, Joep and Albert viz. 648,93 each, increased by a compound interest from 09-03-1965 till 27-12-1775 of 3% = 244,97 for Willie, Joep  and Albert and 3 % from 23-12-1968 till 27-12-1975 for Geert = 176, 69.


( So Geert only gets interest from his 12th birthday on! And from that date on in fact 3 %.The other children had already got their fathers inheritance)


So in total: 3507,22

Further more several bills:

Tax consultant Vierboom                   232,-

Note Stevens, plumber                          18,90

Note Beco (?)  13-10-1975                  678,-

Note Mulder     16-09-1975                  50,20

Note Beco        24-01-1976                   21,15

Cost funeral                                      2.044,23

Total liabilities 6.551, 80 . Saldo inheritance: 51.955,93 minus 6.551,80 = 45.404,80

Each child can claim 1/7.


The undersigned also declare that the deceased woman held neither goods in usufruct nor had mortgaged them, neither she had donated anybody ,nor that periodical payments had lapsed or passed over by succession, that no payments from any insurance company were or had to be done and that none of the children-heirs has more than three minors free of succession-rights.



fter this drawing up the residents, Willie, Joep and Albert want to take over the house and this happens by a deed of July 27 1976 of notary Theodore van der Heide in Beek.

Willie and Geert go to the notary on behalf of themselves and as mandatories of the other five brothers. ( The private deed of mandate, signed by all of them in the presence of the notary, is attached to the deed.)

They buy:

The premises and ground in Erlecom ( Ubbergen), Erlecomseweg 48, (Land registry Ooy B nr.1455, size 57 are and 29 ca.  5729 m2 )

Attached to the deed is the valuation report of broker Steenhuis in Beek ad 56.000,-

This means that the non-buyers can claim 8000, - each, discharge herewith. ( In other words Willie and Albert and Joep pay this sum at once.!)

The encumbrances are for the new owners from 1976 on. Gerard, who was still under age at the division of property on March 9, 1965 at notary Sernee, now agrees with the crossing out of a mortgage registration at the registry of land in Nijmegen, as his mothers debt ,for which it was mortgaged ,will be settled by a further division. ( See later)

Signed by W.A.Oteman, G.Oteman and Th.v.d.Heide.



n Sept. 10, 1976 Mr. Jurjen Olav Kooistra, assistant-notary in Beek, makes his appearance before notary Theodore van der Heide, acting as mandatory of the seven brothers. The private deed of mandating is attached to a deed of division of property, drawn up on July 27 last by the notary. ( evidently the brothers had been now often enough to the notary and had said: act as you like)

The party (the assistant-notary) wants a further division of the inheritance of Helena Hendrika Oteman-Jans.

Each child gets 1/7.

The assets and liabilities are mentioned in the memory of succession.

But from the date of death to today- the date of the further division- the following changes have arisen:

a.       The immovable ( the house etc.) is divided and the concerning overpayments have already been settled

       between the parties. The cost is part of the later division.

      (The four non-buyers have received from Willie, Albert and Joep 8000,- each)

b.   The furniture has already been divided privately and needs no further arrangement.

c.   The expenses for the funeral have been paid from the money on the Rabo Bank in                    Leuth.Via this bank some wrong  received welfare payments have been received but             have been restored.

d.      The bank accounts of the R.P.Savingsbank , Rabo Bank and the Central Volks Bank have been 

closed. These amounts with current interest are accounted for on an appended list of proceeds and expenses, which have been treated by the notary administration and have partly been used for the under sub a mentioned cost of the division.

e.      The several house keeping debts ,until mothers death,had been paid by Willie in advance. The total 

      amount of 1000,25 is settled at this division.



Balance Rabo Bank Leuth 7433,29

To receive for the appended list of proceeds and expenses about me, the notarys administration 363,97

Total: 7797,26


To be paid to Willie 1000,25

To settle with Willie, Geert, Joep and Albert the loans of 3507,32 ( These are the amounts of their fathers inheritance owing to them.)

Total 4507,57 

Remains 3.289,69

Each one receives 1/7. As follows.

The money in the notarys cash-desk is put on the account of the Rabo Bank in Leuth. Then the passives are paid with this money, then the succession duties, and from what remains each one gets 1/7.

There is an appended list about the receipts and payments concerning the inheritance:


Rabo Bank Beek:                       936,82

Centr.Volks Bank                      506,03

Total                                       1915,49

R.P.S.                                        472,63

Error                                              0,01  (sic!)



Valuation Cost broker Steenmans                   97,94

Notary (succ. And two deeds)                     1277,-

Sales tax                                                          57,08

Registration duty                                                6,-

Land registry                                                    85,-

Cancellation                                                     35,-

Total                                                              1551,32,-

To be received by the heirs                              363,97





he three brothers, Willie, Joep and Albert, still living in the house and joint owners now, shortly afterwards made up a last will, each individually in Sept. 1976 in the presence of notary Theodore van der Heide in Beek, in which they recalled all the earlier wills and in case of dying unmarried and without any legal descendants, nominated their two brothers as the only heirs, together and for equal part. ( In other words the three brothers are now each others heirs)





n the course of 1983 Joep made marriage plans ( indeed he married Marianne van Thiel on Oct.21 1983 at the age of 48) and wanted to get rid of the house.  So Willie, Joep and Albert went again to  notary Van der Heide ( May 1983). Willie and Albert pay for this deed and take over Joeps part. They want exemption from transfer duties because there is question of redistribution of property received as heirs.

Joep get for his portion 20.000-

The cost is 700,- and the cancellation cost 96.

Willie and Albert have to pay 10.406,50 each for Joeps share of the house.

The factual transfer took place on June 8 1983 at notary van der Heides office in Beek.

The deed was signed by W.A.Oteman, A.G.Oteman , J.A.Oteman and Th.v.d.Heide





n the same day Albert and Willie recalled their last will of Sept. 1976 and made a new one, by which each one left the complete inheritance to the other, with whom he , since Dec. shared his house-keeping   





obody may have expected that these last wills got a filling up so soon, for on June 8 1985 Bep (Albert) died unexpectedly.

The declaration of right of inheritance is from notary Theodore van der Heide dd. July 4 1985.

-that on June 8 1985 died in Nijmegen Mr. Albert Gerard Oteman, in life building-trader, located in Erlecom ( Ubbergen) Erlecomsewg 48, born in Ubbergen Dec.14 1941, unmarried and never been married;

-that the testator, who have left no legitimises, has appointed by his public last will of June 8 1983, passed and signed by me, Th.v.d.Heide, his brother, Mr. Wilhelmus Antonius Oteman, located in Erlecom (Ubbergen) Erlecomseweg 48, born in Ubbergen Dec.17 1937, as his only heir of the total inheritance;

-that therefore Mr.W.A Oteman is the only one entitled to have the disposal of all profits of this inheritance and to discharge the receipts of those profits

Notary van der Heide draws up a memorial of an entry of succession:

Wilhelmus Antonius Oteman is, on the strength of a last will ,his deceased brothers only heir and has had at the moment of  the death ,for more than five united years shared a household with him. On the strength of Art.312 par1 sub 4e of the inheritance act of 1956, he can claim an exempt of 222.159,-

The undivided half of the property in Ooij, Sect.B nr.1455, size 57,29 are , is vaulted ,in untenanted state, at 60% of 80.000, - =  48.000,- half of which is 24.000,-

The undivided furniture of 3000,- half of which is 1500,

The car 1000,-; Cash money 65,- ;Giro 10.256,- ;Rabo Bank 607, 86, ;Final payment Soc.F.B.: sick pay 747,60 and holiday stamps 1300,-

Total aassets: 39.477,29

Liabilities: only the cost of cremation 4.905,45 from which to subtract: life insurance company Twenthe      995,- ; Ins.Cie.Utrecht 100,- and 291,-

Total 3386,-

Still to pay for cremation 3519,45

Saldo 35.957,84-

The cost for drawing up the entry of succession is 393,89.

Because of this entry no assessment was charged.



o day, April 1998, Willie Oteman is still owner and tenant of the Oteman house in Erlecom, Erlecomseweg 48.


This is the provisional end of the eventful story of the house and the four generations Oteman ,who lived in it.

When you read between the lines, you may discover the main characteristics of the Oteman family:

They are decent, hardworking people, stand upright in miserable and in repeated setbacks, they have an extreme sense of justice and honesty and a well developed family feeling.

Each generation did his best to achieve more for their children, by working, saving and educating the values of life. What we are today and what we can do for our children and what we sometimes consider as rather normal, is mainly due to their efforts and suffering. Let we never forget that.




Boxtel, April 24 1998

Henk Oteman