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XII.89    Gerardus Henricus (Gerrit) Van ECK, hair dresser, construction worker, born on 23-01-1929 in Ubbergen (Leuth).
Married at the age of 1 on 04-12-1930 to Margaret (Margriet) PEETERS.
From this marriage:
   1.  Diana Van ECK (see also XIII.65).
   2.  Clair Van ECK (see also XIII.66).

XIII.65    Diana Van ECK, born on 13-08-1958.
   1.  Joanne NN.

XIII.66    Clair Van ECK, born on 11-01-1961.
   1.  Brigitte NN.
   2.  Dale NN.

XII.91    Wilhelmus Bernardus (Wim (Bill)) Van ECK, hairdresser, farmer, born on 19-08-1930 in Ubbergen (Leuth), christened on 19-08-1930 in Leuth (witness(es): Jan Oteman en Cornelia Oteman Lauwerier).
Married at the age of 31 on 12-01-1962 in Innisfail Australië (witness(es): R.Castle) to Victoria (Vicky) FENECH, born in Mosta Malta.
From this marriage:
   1.  Patricia Marjan (Patricia) Van ECK (see also XIII.68).
   2.  Wilhelmus Michael (Wilton) Van ECK, born on 19-04-1965.
Married to Kate NN.
   3.  Bernadette Victoria (Bernadette) Van ECK (see also XIII.72).
   4.  Michael John (Michael John) Van ECK, born on 22-04-1969.
   5.  Johannes Bernardus (Johannes) Van ECK, born on 28-09-1970.

XIII.68    Patricia Marjan (Patricia) Van ECK, born on 17-02-1964.
Married to Jack MULDRY.
From this marriage:
   1.  Olana MULDRY.
   2.  Georgia MULDRY.

XIII.72    Bernadette Victoria (Bernadette) Van ECK, born on 19-05-1965.
Married to Robert PARON.
From this marriage:
   1.  Luke PARON, born .. .. 1995.
   2.  Michaela PARON, born .. .. 1997.
   3.  Jake PARON, born .. .. 1999.

XII.93    Coenradus Johannes (Coen) Van ECK, school gatekeeper, shopkeper, born on 02-07-1931 in Ubbergen, christened on 02-07-1931 in Leuth (witness(es): Jan van Eck(oom) en Lena Jans (schoonzuster moeder)).
Married at the age of 30 on 09-08-1961 in Leuth to Wilhelmina Allegonda Theodora (Mientje) KEUKENS, 25 years old, born on 29-02-1936 in Leuth, christened on 29-02-1936 in Leuth (witness(es): H.Jansen en Theodora Jansen-Keukens), daughter of G.Keukens KEUKENS and F. JANSEN.
From this marriage:
   1.  Wilhelmus Gerardus Alfred Maria (Wilton) Van ECK (see also XIII.75).
   2.  Gerardus Johannes Wilhelmus Geertruda (Gerben) Van ECK (see also XIII.77).

XIII.75    Wilhelmus Gerardus Alfred Maria (Wilton) Van ECK, tax advisor, born on 10-03-1963 in Leuth.
Married at the age of 27 on 19-10-1990 in Beek Ubbergen, church marriage on 19-10-1990 in Kekerdom (witness(es): G.van Eck en K.Derksen) to Bernadina Maria (Liana) DERKSEN, 25 years old, administration employee, born on 18-06-1965 in Kekerdom, christened on 18-06-1965 in Kekerdom (witness(es): Th.Derksen en M.Cornelissen-Koenders), daughter of G. DERKSEN and S. KOENDERS.
From this marriage:
   1.  Jeroen Van ECK, born on 14-05-1993 in Leuth.
   2.  Romy Van ECK, born on 23-12-1995 in Leuth.

XIII.77    Gerardus Johannes Wilhelmus Geertruda (Gerben) Van ECK, born on 16-07-1966 in Ubbergen, christened on 16-07-1966 in Leuth (witness(es): W.Keukens en T.van Lent-van Eck).
Married at the age of 24 on 03-05-1991 in Beuningen, church marriage on 03-09-1991 in Beuningen (witness(es): W.G.A.M.van Eck en J.A.K.van Oost (jr.)) to Saskia (Saskia) Van OOST, 24 years old, born on 11-12-1966 in Ewijk, christened on 06-03-1967 in Beuningen, daughter of Jan Adriaan Van OOST and Heintje Gerarda SIKKING.
From this marriage:
   1.  Niels Van ECK, born on 06-07-1997 in Leuth.
   2.  Lieke Van ECK, born on 17-03-1999 in Leuth.

XII.95    Henricus Jacobus (Harry) Van ECK, bricklayer, born on 18-09-1932 in Ubbergen (Leuth), christened on 19-09-1932 in Leuth.
Married at the age of 29 on 12-05-1962 in Mount Barker South Australia, church marriage on 12-05-1962 in Mount Barker South Australia (witness(es): Gerardus Johannes Van Eck en Reginald Childs) to Theodora Petronella (Door) BRUGMAN, 26 years old, born on 15-02-1936 in Erlecom (witness(es): A.Engelen en P.Lentjes Engelen), daughter of Gerhardus Johannes BRUGMAN and Theodora Petronella ENGELEN.
From this marriage:
   1.  Wayne Gerard (Wayne) Van ECK, born on 25-11-1964 in Mount Barker S.A.
Married to Marike MULDER.
   2.  Benita Dorothea (Benita) Van ECK, born on 27-09-1966 in Mount Barker S.A.
Married to Ralph ETTEGER.
   3.  Leonie Elizabeth (Leonie) Van ECK, born on 03-11-1970 in Mount Barker S.A.
Married to Geert MULDER.

XII.97    Aloysius (Alouis) Van ECK, born on 03-07-1934 in Ubbergen (Leuth), died on 02-11-1973 in Nijmegen at the age of 39.
Married to Nellie WEEREN.
From this marriage:
   1.  Wilfried Van ECK (see also XIII.85).
   2.  Guido Van ECK (see also XIII.87).
   3.  Louis Van ECK.
Married to L. SIEPMAN.

XIII.85    Wilfried Van ECK.
Married to Amanda BOERBOOM.
From this marriage:
   1.  Robert Van ECK.
   2.  Mitch Van ECK.

XIII.87    Guido Van ECK.
Married to J. CASTROP.
From this marriage:
   1.  Rens Van ECK.

XII.99    Albertus Antonius (Rob) Van ECK, bricklayer, road construction,grader operator), born on 09-05-1936 in Ubbergen (Leuth).
Married at the age of 27 on 08-02-1964 in Mount Barker S.A.5251, church marriage on 08-02-1964 (Cath.Church of our Lady of Mercy) (witness(es): Gerard van Eck en Jan Maréchall) to Louisa Cornelia Chritianna Maria. (Loes) MARÉCHALL, 19 years old, born on 02-10-1944 in Vught, christened on 02-10-1944 (witness(es): Cor en Chris Clement), daughter of Louis J.A MARÉCHALL, mailcarrier in Vugt, and Marie MOORS.
From this marriage:
   1.  Vanessa Van ECK, born on 02-04-1971 in Mount Barker Australië.
   2.  Carla Van ECK, born on 11-11-1972 in Mount Barker Australië.
   3.  Sareena Van ECK, born on 05-06-1975 in Mount Barker Australië.
   4.  Melissa Van ECK (see also XIII.95).

XIII.95    Melissa Van ECK, born on 24-05-1977 in Mount Barker Australië.
Married to Danny NN.
From this marriage:
   1.  Mia.

XII.102    Gertruda Theodora (Truus) Van ECK, born on 25-04-1937 in Ubbergen(Leuth).
Married at the age of 24 on 31-08-1961 in Ubbergen to Henk LENTJES, 25 years old, officail land registry office, born on 09-04-1936 in Leuth, son of Johannes Theodorus LENTJES and Petronella Van ENGELEN.
From this marriage:
   1.  Berdina Petronella Elisabeth (Bernadette) LENTJES (see also XIII.97).
   2.  Johannes Hendrikus Bernardus (Joris) LENTJES (see also XIII.98).

XIII.97    Berdina Petronella Elisabeth (Bernadette) LENTJES, born on 09-12-1962 in Beek.
Married at the age of 31 on 09-06-1994 to Wilhelmus Christian Cornelis (George) De JONGH, 31 years old, officer,major, born on 26-12-1962 in Oosterhout.
From this marriage:
   1.  Johanna Gertruda (Lotte) De JONGH, born on 09-01-1993 in Elst.
   2.  Roeland Sjors (Pim) De JONGH, born on 07-04-1995 in Elst.
   3.  Petronella Bersdina (Eefke) De JONGH, born on 20-11-1998 in Elst.

XIII.98    Johannes Hendrikus Bernardus (Joris) LENTJES, employee logistics, born on 06-01-1967 in Leuth.
Married at the age of 25 on 11-09-1992 in Nijmegen to Maria Johanna Hendrina (Myriam) Van de HAGEN, 30 years old, born on 27-08-1962 in Nijmegen.
From this marriage:
   1.  Rik LENTJES, born on 11-08-1993 in Kekerdom.
   2.  Anouk LENTJES, born on 27-11-1995 in Kekerdom.

XII.104    Antonia Henrica (Tonny) Van ECK, born on 25-04-1937 in Ubbergen(Leuth), christened on 25-04-1937 in Leuth (witness(es): Wim Seegers).
Married at the age of 26 on 05-06-1963, church marriage on 20-07-1963 (witness(es): Truus Booijen=Wolf.) to Arnoldus Bernardus (Arnold) WOLF, 28 years old, administrator, born on 30-01-1935 in Herwen en Aerdt, christened on 31-01-1935 in Lobith.
From this marriage:
   1.  Patricia Bernadina Maria (Patricia) WOLF, account manager for an advertising company, born on 10-11-1965 in Ooy.
   2.  Suzanne Antonia Geertruida WOLF, marketing manager, born on 05-04-1970 in Ooy.
Married to Gijs (Gijs) BEZEMER, physiotherapist in the army.

XII.106    Alfred Hermanus (Fred) Van ECK, diesel mechanic, born on 22-05-1940 in Ubbergen(Leuth) (witness(es): Hendrikus van Eck en Marie van Eck Reijmers).
Married at the age of 30 on 16-12-1970 in Bek Ubbergen, church marriage on 12-05-1971 in Nijmegen (witness(es): Peter Cornelissen en Alouis van Eck) to Bernadina Irene Maria (Diny) CORNELISSEN, 26 years old, born on 11-10-1944 in Nijmegen (witness(es): Hendrikus Langeveld en Mina Cornelissen), daughter of Peter CORNELISSEN and Hermina Cornelissen-Langeveldt.
From this marriage:
   1.  Frendy-Victoria (Frendy) Van ECK, born on 18-07-1977 in Nijmegen.
   2.  Marreen Helger (Mareen) Van ECK, born on 28-10-1979 in Nijmegen.

XII.108    Joseph Willibrordus (Joep (Joe)) Van ECK, carpenter, born on 30-04-1941 in Ubbergen (Leuth), christened on 30-04-1941 in Leuth (witness(es): Jan en Dien van Eck).
Married at the age of 27 on 24-08-1968 (witness(es): Rosaly Noyen-Hall, Gerard van Eck) to Betty Antoinette HALL, 20 years old, born on 14-09-1947 in Mount Barker Australia, daughter of Jack HALL, factoryworker, and Irene HAMEISTER.
From this marriage:
   1.  Anthony Josef (Tony) Van ECK (see also XIII.105).
   2.  Steven Trent (Steven) Van ECK, born on 15-02-1974, died on 22-11-1975 at the age of 1.
   3.  Rachael Betty (Rachael) Van ECK, born on 20-03-1978.

XIII.105    Anthony Josef (Tony) Van ECK, born on 24-08-1972.
Married to Wendy NN.
From this marriage:
   1.  Rhianon Van ECK, born .. .. 1997.
   2.  Lorklan Van ECK, born .. .. 1999.

XII.111    Margaretha Maria Vincentia (Marga) Van ECK, teacher, born on 25-12-1944 in Lichtenvoorde (witness(es): Gerrit van Eck en Lies Glaap-van Eck).
Married at the age of 27 on 24-06-1972 in Borculo, church marriage on 24-06-1972 in Groenlo (witness(es): Coen van Eck en Durk Swart) to Anne Henderik Durk SWART, 29 years old, dairy factory technician, born on 12-02-1943 in Enschede, son of Henderik Annes SWART, director dairy factory, and Elsbeth M.L.A.M. SIEBRECHT.
From this marriage:
   1.  Arne Henrik (Arne) SWART, born on 25-07-1980 in Assen.

X.18    Theodor (Dorus) OTEMANN, blacksmith, born on 30-08-1859 in Zyfflich, christened on 31-08-1859 in Zyfflich (witness(es): Joannes Jansen en Maria Reintjes.), died on 12-03-1930 in Gendt at the age of 70, buried on 15-03-1930 in Gendt.
Married at the age of 24 on 18-06-1884 in Gendt (witness(es): Theodorus Berning,klompenmaker,koopman 25 jr. Gendt, Steven Geveling, smid 26 jr. b. v.d. bruid, Gendt, Hendrik Mattijssen, bakker,30 jr, Gendt, Josephus Johannes Corman, kantoorbediende, 51 jr. Gendt.. Hij vestigt zich in de Gemeente Gendt op 16 juni 1884, dus twee dagen voor zijn huwelijk. Zie doc.blad 618. Hij kwam van de gemeente Ubbergen.), church marriage on 19-06-1884 in Gendt to Maria Sophia (Miet) GEVELING, 25 years old, midwife, born on 21-03-1859 in Gendt, died on 05-10-1940 in Gendt at the age of 81, buried on 08-10-1940 in Gendt, daughter of Johannes Wilhelmus (Johan) GEVELING, blacksmith, and Jacoba (Jacoba) RIJKEN.
From this marriage:
   1.  NN OTEMANN, born on 26-06-1885 in Gendt, died on 26-06-1885 in Gendt.
   2.  Wilhelmus Hendrikus OTEMANN, born on 29-12-1886 in Gendt, died on 25-08-1888 in Gendt at the age of 1, buried on 24-08-1888 in Gendt.
   3.  Johannes Wilhelmus (Johan) OTEMANN, blacksmith, born on 27-04-1888 in Gendt (Gld), christened on 28-04-1888 in Gendt (Gld), died on 12-06-1923 in Gendt at the age of 35.
   4.  Wilhelmus Henricus OTEMANN, born on 25-11-1889 in Gendt, died on 05-11-1892 in Gendt at the age of 2, buried on 08-11-1892 in Gendt.
   5.  Coenraad Franciscus (Koen) OTEMANN (see also XI.50).
   6.  Wilhelm Hendrikus Jacobus (Willem.) OTEMANN (see also XI.52).
   7.  Hendrik Theodorus (Harry) OTEMANN (see also XI.54).
   8.  Maria Jacoba Nicoleta (Maria) OTEMANN, nun, born on 19-11-1895 in Gendt (Gld), christened on 19-11-1985 (witness(es): Maria Nicoleta (Zuster van haar vader.)), died on 28-07-1986 in Raalte at the age of 90.
   9.  Franciscus Stephanus (Frans) OTEMANN (see also XI.57).
   10.  Silvester Theodorus OTEMANN, born on 31-12-1897 in Gendt, christened on 31-12-1897 in Gendt, died on 04-09-1898 in Gendt, 247 days old, buried on 04-09-1898.
   11.  Johanna Maria Hendrina (Anna) OTEMANN (see also XI.61).

XI.50    Coenraad Franciscus (Koen) OTEMANN, milk servant, gardener, carpenter, farmer, born on 25-01-1891 in Gendt, christened on 26-01-1891 in Gendt, died on 31-07-1955 in Winterswijk at the age of 64, buried on 03-08-1955 in Winterswijk.
Married at the age of 24 on 15-04-1915 in Herwen en Aerdt to Geertruida Maria (Geertruida) KEURNTJES, 22 years old, seamstress, born on 01-11-1892 in Herw.E.A. Died on 01-06-1965 in Maastricht at the age of 72, buried on 05-06-1965 in Winterswijk, daughter of Theodorus KEURNTJES and Gerharda KEURS.
From this marriage:
   1.  Joseph Andreas Franciscus (Joep) OTEMANN (see also XII.112).
   2.  Theodorus Englebert Wilhelm Anton (Theo) OTEMAN (see also XII.114).
   3.  Margaretha OTEMANN, born on 13-08-1916 in Gendt, died on 10-04-1917 in Gendt, 240 days old.
   4.  Maria Nicoleta Pié (Mia) OTEMAN (see also XII.118).
   5.  Anna Hendrina Maria (Annie) OTEMAN (see also XII.121).
   6.  Wilhelmus Conrad (Willie) OTEMAN (see also XII.123).
   7.  Arnold Heinrich (Arnold) OTEMAN (see also XII.125).
   8.  Conrad Johannes (Coen) OTEMAN (see also XII.127).
   9.  Jozefina OTEMANN, born .. .. 1930 in Bergh (Gld.), died .. .. 1933 in Bergh.
   10.  Margaretha Antonnetta (Gretha) OTEMAN (see also XII.131).
   11.  Anton OTEMANN.

XII.112    Joseph Andreas Franciscus (Joep) OTEMANN, driver, born on 16-07-1913 in Utrecht, died on 21-09-1957 in Wessum bij Ahaus Dl. at the age of 44.
Married .. 04 1938 to Maria (Maria) HOYING, born on 06-03-1906 in Doemern(Dld), died on 08-02-1992 in Ahaus at the age of 85, daughter of H. HOYING and M. HUEBERS.
From this marriage:
   1.  Marianne (Marianne) OTEMANN (see also XIII.111).
   2.  Annemarie (Annemarie) OTEMANN (see also XIII.113).
   3.  Ludwig (Ludwig) OTEMANN (see also XIII.114).
   4.  Joseph Conrad (Joep) OTEMANN (see also XIII.116).

XIII.111    Marianne (Marianne) OTEMANN, born on 11-04-1939 in Wessem.
Married at the age of 21 on 02-07-1960 to Otto PLUTA, 21 years old, born on 30-06-1939.
From this marriage:
   1.  Ulrike PLUTA (see also XIV.75).
   2.  Ralph PLUTA, born on 08-06-1962.
   3.  Cornelia PLUTA, born on 16-06-1965.

XIV.75    Ulrike PLUTA, born on 15-10-1960.
Married to Michael HEUSCHLER.
From this marriage:
   1.  Svena HEUSCHLER, born .. .. 1981.
   2.  Chantal HEUSCHLER, born on 17-09-1983.
   3.  Michelle HEUSCHLER, born .. .. 1987.
   4.  Nico HEUSCHLER, born .. .. 1997.

XIII.113    Annemarie (Annemarie) OTEMANN, born on 27-01-1940 in Wessem.
Married at the age of 21 on 19-01-1962 in Ahaus to Berhard JANSEN, 21 years old, born on 06-11-1940 in Ahaus.
From this marriage:
   1.  Manfred JANSEN (see also XIV.78).
   2.  Thomas JANSEN (see also XIV.80).
   3.  Jutta JANSEN (see also XIV.83).

XIV.78    Manfred JANSEN, born on 24-02-1963 in Ahaus.
Married .. 01 1999 to Connie PRECHTER.
From this marriage:
   1.  Anna JANSEN, born on 07-07-1999 in Münster.

XIV.80    Thomas JANSEN, born on 08-06-1964 in Ahaus.
Married .. 03 1987 to Walburga IGELBUSCHER.
From this marriage:
   1.  Florian JANSEN, born on 03-01-1993.
   2.  Hanna JANSEN, born on 03-01-1993.

XIV.83    Jutta JANSEN, born on 09-05-1968 in Ahaus.
Married .. o7 1992 to Thomas BÖVING.
From this marriage:
   1.  Maike BÖVING, born on 11-03-1993.
   2.  Luca BÖVING, born on 22-08-1996.

XIII.114    Ludwig (Ludwig) OTEMANN, born on 20-08-1942 in Wessem, died on 30-04-1995 at the age of 52.
Married .. 12 1969 to Christine BESSELER, born on 29-01-1948 in Ahaus.
From this marriage:
   1.  Anne-Bianca OTEMANN (see also XIV.85).
   2.  Yvonne OTEMANN, born on 08-10-1975.

XIV.85    Anne-Bianca OTEMANN, born on 24-11-1969.
Married .. .. 1990 to Thomas BENSEL.
From this marriage:
   1.  Alexander BENSEL, born .. .. 1990.
   2.  Oliver BENSEL, born .. .. 1992.

XIII.116    Joseph Conrad (Joep) OTEMANN, born on 20-06-1944 in Wessem bei Ahaus(Dld).
Married at the age of 24 on 06-09-1968 in Augsburg to Mary-Ann CZOK, 20 years old, born on 28-04-1948.
From this marriage:
   1.  Andschana OTEMANN, born on 23-05-1976 in München.
Married at the age of 23 on 07-04-2000 in München to Bernhard ESSSCHENBACH, 26 years old, born on 17-07-1973 in Würtzburg.

XII.114    Theodorus Englebert Wilhelm Anton (Theo) OTEMAN, farmer, driver, born on 21-08-1915 in Bottrop (Dl), died on 02-03-1985 in Winterswijk at the age of 69, buried on 06-03-1985 in Winterswijk.
Married at the age of 30 on 21-08-1945 in Südlohn, church marriage on 22-08-1945 in Südlohn to Elisabeth Franzisca (Ciska) UPHAUS, 29 years old, born on 03-01-1916 in Suedlohn (Dld) Kreis Ahaus, daughter of Karl OPHAUS and Maria BANSBERG.
From this marriage:
   1.  Conrad Carl (Coen) OTEMAN, driver, born on 23-08-1946 in Bottrop(Dld).

XII.118    Maria Nicoleta Pié (Mia) OTEMAN, born on 18-01-1918 in Gendt (Gld), died on 31-07-1976 in Rotterdam at the age of 58, buried on 04-08-1976 in Rotterdam.
Married (1) at the age of 20 on 22-06-1938 in 's-Gravenhage, divorced after 9 years of marriage on 21-01-1948 in 's-Gravenhage from Albertus Franciscus Joseph ANDRIOLI, born on 03-12-1911 in 's-Gravenhage, died on 02-05-1989 in Maassluis at the age of 77, cremated on 08-05-1989 in 's-Gravenhagen-oosduinen.
Married (2) at the age of 30 on 23-11-1948 in Rotterdam, church marriage on 01-12-1948 in Rotterdam to Gjsbertus Jacobus (Berry) Van der STARRE, 24 years old, piano repairman and tuner, born on 08-07-1924 in ,s-Gravenhage, died on 20-02-1986 in Rheden at the age of 61, cremated on 25-02-1986 in Dieren, son of Johannes Gijsbertus Van der STARRE and Catharina Wilhelmina GROENEWEGEN.
From the first marriage:
   1.  Maria Anna Gemma Josephine (Marianne) ANDRIOLI (see also XIII.120).
   2.  Guido Albert Miréam (Guido) ANDRIOLI (see also XIII.121).

From the second marriage:
   3.  Catharina Wilhelmina Maria (Carla) Van der STARRE (see also XIII.124).
   4.  Rozita Alexandra Maria Van der STARRE (see also XIII.126).
   5.  Gemma Johanna Coenradi Maria (Gemma) Van der STARRE (see also XIII.129).

XIII.120    Maria Anna Gemma Josephine (Marianne) ANDRIOLI, born on 17-03-1939 in 's-Gravenhage, christened on 17-03-1939 in 's-Gravenhagen (witness(es): Anna Hendrina Maria Oteman en Wilhelmus Conrad Oteman).
Married at the age of 24 on 27-11-1963 in Rotterdam, church marriage on 27-12-1963 in Rotterdam (H.Ignatius) to Béla FRIK, 30 years old, born on 17-05-1933 in Jaszapati Hongarije, son of István FRIK and Franciska MOLNER.
From this marriage:
   1.  Wladimir István Béla FRIK (see also XIV.89).
   2.  Alexander Dimitri FRIK, born on 01-10-1975 in Rotterdam, christened on 01-10-1975 in Rotterdam (witness(es): Peter van Buel en Rozita van Buel-van der Starre.).

XIV.89    Wladimir István Béla FRIK, born on 23-01-1968 in Rotterdam, christened on 23-01-1968 in Rotterdam (witness(es): Carla van der Starre en J.M.Martina).
Married at the age of 28 on 06-09-1996 to Bianca Van den BOS, 25 years old, born on 03-09-1971.
From this marriage:
   1.  Igor FRIK, born on 27-06-1997.

XIII.121    Guido Albert Miréam (Guido) ANDRIOLI, born on 17-03-1945 in Winterswijk.
Married at the age of 26 on 05-05-1971, church marriage on 26-11-1972 in Rotterdam (``) to Jozephine Maria (José) BOM, 19 years old, born on 07-11-1951 in Rotterdam.
From this marriage:
   1.  Kristel ANDRIOLI, born on 19-12-1975 in Deventer.
   2.  Arnoud ANDRIOLI, born on 19-10-1978 in Deventer.

XIII.124    Catharina Wilhelmina Maria (Carla) Van der STARRE, born on 07-11-1952 in Rotterdam.
Married at the age of 20 on 07-09-1973 in Rotterdam to Wilston Patrick MARTINA, 26 years old, computer programmer, analyst, born on 29-05-1947 in Brievengat Curacao.
From this marriage:
   1.  Shahaira Seraphina MARTINA, born on 13-10-1976 in Oud Gastel.
   2.  Lino MARTINA, born on 28-02-1979 in Oud Gastel.

XIII.126    Rozita Alexandra Maria Van der STARRE, born on 29-08-1954 in Rotterdam.
Married (1) at the age of 32 on 08-09-1986 to Petrus Johannes Adrianus Leonardus (Peter) Van BUEL, 39 years old, accountant, born on 15-06-1947 in 's=Gravenhage, died on 08-09-1986 in Dordrecht at the age of 39.
Married (2) to Johannes Leonardus KORSJES, born on 17-11-1945 in Stein Limb.
From the first marriage:
   1.  Maria Francisca (Maaike) Van BUEL, born on 16-07-1975 in Dordrecht.
   2.  Sebastiaan Robertus Van BUEL, born on 15-03-1978 in Dordrecht.

XIII.129    Gemma Johanna Coenradi Maria (Gemma) Van der STARRE, born on 06-06-1958 in Rotterdam, christened on 06-06-1958 in Rotterdam (witness(es): Jacobus Gerardus van der Starre en Marianne Frik Andrioli).
Married (1) at the age of 18 on 25-03-1977 in Rotterdam, divorced after 13 years of marriage on 31-01-1991 in Rotterdam from Dick BURGER, office employee, born on 30-04-1955 in Rotterdam.
Married (2) to Arie NOOMEN, manager in a carbusiness, born on 31-01-1956.
From the first marriage:
   1.  Dennis BURGER, born on 26-03-1980 in Capelle aan de Ijssel.
   2.  René BURGER, born on 23-06-1983 in Capelle aan de Ijssel.

From the second marriage:
   3.  Esmée Van der STARRE, born on 29-07-1993 in Waddinxveen, christened on 29-07-1993 in Waddinxveen.

XII.121    Anna Hendrina Maria (Annie) OTEMAN, born on 02-12-1919 in Gendt (Gld.), died on 28-05-1984 in Simpelveld (Lbg) at the age of 64, buried on 01-06-1984 in Simpelveld (Lbg).
Married (1) at the age of 22 on 13-05-1942 in Geleen to Mari (Mari) ANDES, 33 years old, radio merchant, born on 20-12-1908 in Lindenheuvel, son of Karel Gerrit ANDES and Charlotte Hendrina BALEN.
Married (2) at the age of 37 on 22-05-1957 in Maastricht to Eugène Gerard Marie Robert VOGELS, 28 years old, born on 28-08-1928 in Maastricht, died on 28-05-1993 in Simpelveld at the age of 64, cremated on 02-06-1993 in Heerlen.
From the first marriage:
   1.  Gertruida Coenrada Charlotta Maria (Trudy) ANDES (see also XIII.132).

From the second marriage:
   2.  Constant VOGELS, born on 12-04-1958 in Maastricht, died on 14-04-1987 in Amsterdam at the age of 29, cremated on 18-04-1987 in Amsterdam.

XIII.132    Gertruida Coenrada Charlotta Maria (Trudy) ANDES, born on 11-10-1947 in Geleen, died on 18-01-1995 in Maastricht at the age of 47, cremated on 21-01-1995 in Geleen.
Married to Jeu NOTERMANS.
From this marriage:
   1.  Robin NOTERMANS.
Married to Chantal NN.

XII.123    Wilhelmus Conrad (Willie) OTEMAN, cabinet maker, born on 27-06-1922 in Emmerich(Dld.), christened on 27-06-1922 in Emmerik (Dld.), died on 01-02-1993 in Winterswijk at the age of 70, buried on 04-02-1993 in Winterswijk.
Married at the age of 27 on 31-10-1949 in Winterswijk, church marriage on 09-05-1950 in Eibergen to Margaretha Johanna (Gretha) DIEKER, 22 years old, born on 08-01-1927 in Gendringen, died on 08-04-1997 in Winterswijk at the age of 70.
From this marriage:
   1.  André Franciskus Johannes (André) OTEMAN (see also XIII.134).

XIII.134    André Franciskus Johannes (André) OTEMAN, diver international transport, born on 05-08-1954 in Winterswijk.
Married at the age of 21 on 09-01-1976 in Winterswijk to Johanna Gezina (Janny) STEMERDINK, 21 years old, born on 13-04-1954.
From this marriage:
   1.  Dave (Dave) OTEMAN, born on 01-07-1980.
   2.  Joyce (Joyce) OTEMAN, born on 13-01-1982.
   3.  Nick (Nick) OTEMAN.

XII.125    Arnold Heinrich (Arnold) OTEMAN, maintanance mechanic, born on 21-05-1928 in Till (Dld).
Married at the age of 23 on 29-01-1952 in Winterswijk, church marriage on 16-02-1952 in Groenlo (witness(es): G. ten Bruin en W.Oteman) to Bernardina Johanna Maria (Dienie) Ten BULTE, 22 years old, born on 20-11-1929 in Groenlo (witness(es): Opa Frericks en Opoe Ten Bulte), daughter of Gerard Ten BULTE and Maria FRERICHS.
From this marriage:
   1.  Coenradus Gerardus (Coen) OTEMAN, driver, born on 14-07-1953 in Winterswijk, christened on 14-07-1953 in Winterswijk (witness(es): Coen Oteman en Elly Verkerk - ten Bulte).
   2.  Marion José (Manon) OTEMAN (see also XIII.138).

XIII.138    Marion José (Manon) OTEMAN, born on 21-06-1958 in Winterswijk (witness(es): G.ten Bulte en R.Leblanc-ten Bulte).
Married (1) at the age of 21 on 27-06-1979, divorced 12 1981 from G.J.A. DIJKMAN, born on 22-07-1952.
Married (2) at the age of 28 on 10-04-1987 in Winterswijk, church marriage on 10-04-1987 in Winterswijk (witness(es): M.ten Have te Brinke en M.Grevers-Berendsen) to Bernardus Johannes (Bert) BERENDSEN, 28 years old, supermarket manager, born on 02-12-1958 in Winterswijk (witness(es): J en T Platter-Tangena (Oom en tante)).
From the second marriage:
   1.  Casper Cor Arnold Theo (Cas) BERENDSEN, born on 02-09-1990 in Winterswijk, christened on 02-09-1990 in Winterswijk (witness(es): Coen Oteman (oom) en Maya Grevers-Berendsen (tante)).
   2.  Pommelien Berdien Jonne Marjon (Pom) BERENDSEN, born on 21-03-1992 in Winterswijk, christened on 21-03-1992 in Winterswijk (witness(es): Frank Percic (oud buurman) en Rieke Percic Schmidt).

XII.127    Conrad Johannes (Coen) OTEMAN, weaver, born on 18-07-1929 in Herwen en Aerdt (witness(es): Tante Dora uit Gent (Theodora Maria Cornielje, vrouw van Harry ?)).
Married at the age of 20 on 28-12-1949 in Groenlo, church marriage on 03-01-1950 in Groenlo (RK) (witness(es): Willlie Oteman en Theo Schroer) to Johanna Reiniera (Jo) SCHROëR, 21 years old, born on 08-07-1928 in Groenlo (witness(es): Anna Ten Hava Rietmolen enendrik Klein Nienhuis (Canada)), daughter of Joseph SCHROëR and Johanna KLEIN-NIENHUIS.
From this marriage:
   1.  Anna Maria Louise (Ans) OTEMAN (see also XIII.141).
   2.  Mariette Geertruida Josepha (Mariet) OTEMAN (see also XIII.144).

XIII.141    Anna Maria Louise (Ans) OTEMAN, born on 02-06-1950 in Winterswijk.
Married (1) to Ruud Van der HEL.
Married (2) to Egbert SCHOLTEN.
From the second marriage:
   1.  Laura SCHOLTEN, born on 04-05-1984 in Winterswijk.
   2.  Vera SCHOLTEN, born on 22-07-1989 in Winterswijk.
   3.  Jolanda SCHOLTEN, born on 30-08-1993 in Winterswijk.
   4.  Harm SCHOLTEN, born on 30-08-1993 in Winterswijk.

XIII.144    Mariette Geertruida Josepha (Mariet) OTEMAN, receptionist, born on 26-10-1953 in Winterswijk.
Married at the age of 28 on 03-09-1982 to Gerardus (Gerrit) Ten BRINKE, 34 years old, born on 21-05-1948 in Doetinchem.
From this marriage:
   1.  Jeroen Conrad Gerrit Ten BRINKE, born on 01-07-1983 in Winterswijk.
   2.  Yonina Grada Johanna Ten BRINKE, born on 04-06-1985 in Dopetinchem.

XII.131    Margaretha Antonnetta (Gretha) OTEMAN, born on 17-02-1932 in Bergh.
Married (1) at the age of 19 on 09-06-1951 in Winterswijk to Theodorus Bernardus (Theo) SCHROëR, 26 years old, born on 22-12-1924 in Eibergen, son of Joseph SCHROëR and Johanna KLEIN-NIENHUIS.
Married (2) at the age of 28 on 09-04-1960 in Maastricht to Harm Piet MAST, 39 years old, police officer, born on 28-03-1921 in Opsterland, died on 02-04-1961 in Maastricht at the age of 40.
Married (3) at the age of 39 on 08-09-1971 in Rotterdam to Arie Adrianus (Aad) VERHEY, 28 years old, born on 26-02-1943 in Rotterdam.
From the first marriage:
   1.  Geertruida Josefa Antonnette (Trudie) SCHROëR (see also XIII.146).
   2.  Josephus Conradus Maria (Jos) SCHROëR (see also XIII.147).
   3.  Franciskus Passchalis Willibrordus (Frank) SCHROëR (see also XIII.149).

XIII.146    Geertruida Josefa Antonnette (Trudie) SCHROëR, born on 16-04-1952 in Winterswijk.
Married to Peter DOPPER.
From this marriage:
   1.  Lucien DOPPER.
   2.  Stephanie DOPPER.
   3.  Elise DOPPER.

XIII.147    Josephus Conradus Maria (Jos) SCHROëR, born on 06-09-1953 in Winterswijk.
Married to Carolien Van VESSEM.
From this marriage:
   1.  Evelien SCHROëR.

XIII.149    Franciskus Passchalis Willibrordus (Frank) SCHROëR, born on 13-11-1955 in Winterswijk.
Married at the age of 21 on 15-04-1977 in Rotterdam to Marianne SCHUURINK, 20 years old, born on 31-01-1957 in Rotterdam.
From this marriage:
   1.  Marc Adriaan Ferdinand SCHROëR, born on 04-10-1984 in Rotterdam.
   2.  Ilse Marlijn SCHROëR, born on 21-03-1986 in Rotterdam.

XI.52    Wilhelm Hendrikus Jacobus (Willem.) OTEMANN, blacksmith, farmer, born on 12-07-1893 in Gendt (Gld.), christened on 13-07-1893 in Gendt, died on 24-07-1976 in Gendt at the age of 83, buried on 27-07-1976 in Gendt.
Married at the age of 26 on 28-04-1920 in Gendt (witness(es): Coenraad Franciscus Otemann (28 jr.broer) en Johannes Theodorus Peters (26 jr.broer), beiden van beroep arbeider. Coenraad geeft in de akte op 28 jaar te zijn, terwijl hij geboren is 25-01-1891!) to Hendrina Theresia (Hentje) PETERS, 30 years old, born on 15-10-1889 in Gendt, christened on 16-10-1889 in Gendt, died on 21-04-1978 in Gendt at the age of 88, buried on 26-04-1978 in Gendt, daughter of Theodorus (Theo) PETERS, worker, and Maria Margaretha (Maria) DUCKERHOF.
From this marriage:
   1.  Maria Josephina (Marie) OTEMANN (see also XII.136).
   2.  Theodorus (Thé) OTEMANN (see also XII.137).
   3.  Jacoba Francisca (Co) OTEMANN (see also XII.140).
   4.  Anna Theresia (Annie) OTEMANN (see also XII.142).
   5.  Johannes Wilhelmus Joseph (Jan) OTEMANN (see also XII.143).
   6.  Hendrina Theresia (Driena) OTEMANN (see also XII.146).
   7.  Wilhelmus Hendrikus Jacobus (Wim) OTEMANN (see also XII.147).
   8.  Francisca Maria (Ciska) OTEMANN (see also XII.150).

XII.136    Maria Josephina (Marie) OTEMANN, born on 08-03-1921 in Gendt (Gld.), christened on 09-03-1921 in Gendt (Gld.) (witness(es): Coenradus Franciscus Otemann en Maria Margaretha Dückerhof), died on 04-11-1992 in Nijmegen at the age of 71, buried on 09-11-1992 in Gendt.
Married at the age of 26 on 15-11-1947 in Gendt, church marriage on 20-11-1947 in Gendt to Theodorus (Thé) JOOSTEN, 27 years old, born on 25-11-1919 in Gendt, died on 13-10-1986 in Gendt at the age of 66, buried on 17-10-1986 in Gendt, son of Theodorus JOOSTEN and Gerarda DRIESSEN.
From this marriage:
   1.  Theodorus Wilhelmus (Theo) JOOSTEN (see also XIII.151).
   2.  Wilhelmus Hendrikus Johannes (Willy) JOOSTEN (see also XIII.153).
   3.  Petrus Hendrikus Theodorus (Peter) JOOSTEN (see also XIII.155).
   4.  Johannes Joseph Maria (Jan) JOOSTEN (see also XIII.157).
   5.  Hendrikus Jozeph Gerardus (Erik) JOOSTEN (see also XIII.159).

XIII.151    Theodorus Wilhelmus (Theo) JOOSTEN, international driver, born on 18-11-1948 in Gendt, christened on 19-11-1948 (witness(es): Piet Joosten en Coba Otemann).
Married at the age of 26 on 20-12-1974, church marriage on 20-12-1974 (witness(es): Theodorus Nijhuis en Wilhelmus Joosten) to Anna Paulina Maria (Annette) NIJHUIS, 19 years old, born on 03-07-1955, christened on 04-07-1955 (witness(es): Gerardus Nijhuis en Maria Berning), daughter of Hermanus Bernardus NIJHUIS and Johanna Maria BERNING.
From this marriage:
   1.  Anna Maria Paulina (Anne-Marie) JOOSTEN, born on 29-12-1978 in Arnhem.
   2.  Stefanie Alexandra (Stefanie) JOOSTEN, born on 09-02-1981 in Arnhem.

XIII.153    Wilhelmus Hendrikus Johannes (Willy) JOOSTEN, engineering fitter, born on 11-07-1951 in Gendt, christened on 12-07-1951 in Gendt (witness(es): H.Joosten en Annie Otemann).
Married at the age of 22 on 23-01-1974, divorced .. .. 1994 from Eleonora (Eleonora) MELCHELS, born on 17-05-1954, christened on 18-05-1954, daughter of Johannes MELCHELS and Thea HENDRIKS.
From this marriage:
   1.  Jolanda (Jolanda) JOOSTEN, born on 07-05-1974 in Bemmel.
   2.  Theo (Theo) JOOSTEN, born on 24-06-1977 in Gendt.

XIII.155    Petrus Hendrikus Theodorus (Peter) JOOSTEN, driver, born on 09-07-1953 in Gendt, christened on 10-07-1953 in Gendt (witness(es): Th.Otemann en Ans Joosten).
Married at the age of 21 on 06-09-1974, church marriage on 06-09-1974 (witness(es): Th. Joosten en A.Arnts) to Antonia Geertruida Clasina (Tonny) HÜTMACHER, 20 years old, born on 14-03-1954 in Gendt, christened on 15-03-1954 in Gendt (witness(es): Th.Leyser en Dora Hütmacher), daughter of J. HÜTMACHER and J. LEYSER.
From this marriage:
   1.  Johannes Theodorus (Michel) JOOSTEN, born on 26-07-1979 in Nijmegen.
   2.  Cornelis Martinus (Coen) JOOSTEN, born on 13-04-1985 in Nijmegen.

XIII.157    Johannes Joseph Maria (Jan) JOOSTEN, driver, born on 17-12-1955 in Gendt, christened on 18-12-1955 in Gendt (witness(es): Jan Otemann en Cor Muller-Joosten).
Married at the age of 25 on 05-11-1981 in Gendt, church marriage o6 11 1981 in Gendt (witness(es): Arno Pelkman en Tiny Jansma) to Wilhelmina Petronella Alberta (Helma) JANSSEN, 18 years old, born on 17-02-1963 in Nijmegen, christened on 18-02-1963 in Nijmegen (witness(es): Bertus Janssen en Nelly Duijf-Kummeling), daughter of Gerardus Johannes Joseph JANSSEN and Christina Petronella KUMMELING.
From this marriage:
   1.  Wilhelmina Christina Maria (Daniëlle) JOOSTEN, born on 13-03-1987 in Nijmegen.
   2.  Theodorus Gerardus (Mark) JOOSTEN, born on 07-03-1989 in Nijmegen.

XIII.159    Hendrikus Jozeph Gerardus (Erik) JOOSTEN, born on 28-11-1961 in Gendt.
Married at the age of 23 on 30-08-1985 in Gendt, church marriage on 30-08-1985 in Gendt (witness(es): Mathias (Thijs) Peters en Wilhelmus (Willie) Joosten) to Maria Geertruida Elisabeth (Maria) PETERS, 22 years old, born on 21-03-1963 in Angeren, christened on 21-03-1963 in Angeren (witness(es): Hendrikus (Hent) Peters en Elisabeth (Bep) Huting), daughter of Mathias Theodorus Hendrikus PETERS and Wilhelmina Elisabeth Maria HUTING.
From this marriage:
   1.  Dirk Mathias Theodorus (Dirk) JOOSTEN, born on 07-05-1992 in Gendt.
   2.  Daan-Rafaël (Daan) JOOSTEN, born on 15-05-1994 in Arnhem.

XII.137    Theodorus (Thé) OTEMANN, driver,carpenter,brcklayer,employee State Hydraulics, born on 23-04-1922 in Gendt (Gld), christened on 23-04-1922 in Gendt (Gld) (witness(es): Theodorus Peters en Maria Sophia Geveling).
Married at the age of 28 on 25-03-1951 in Gendt, church marriage on 02-05-1951 in Gendt to Johanna Petronella (Annie) CORMAN, 22 years old, born on 13-10-1928 in Hulhuizen Gendt, christened on 14-10-1928 in Gendt (witness(es): Th.Huisman en Ger Wegh), daughter of Joseph J.G. CORMAN and Johanna GROEN.
From this marriage:
   1.  Wilhelmus Josephus Maria (Wim) OTEMANN (see also XIII.161).
   2.  Johanna Hendrina Maria (Ans) OTEMANN (see also XIII.164).
   3.  Josephus Florentio Theodorus Maria (Jos) OTEMANN (see also XIII.165).
   4.  Hendrina Maria Pié (Ineke) OTEMANN (see also XIII.168).
   5.  Theodorus Johannes Maria (Theo) OTEMANN (see also XIII.169).
   6.  Johannes Gerardus Maria (Jan) OTEMANN, gardener, born on 21-05-1959 in Gendt, christened on 21-05-1959 in Gendt (witness(es): Gert Niels en Co Otemann).
Married (1) at the age of 21 on 21-08-1980, divorced after 8 years of marriage on 25-05-1989 from Maria Clara Mathia (Marijke) LINSSEN.
Married (2) to Margaretha Helena Maria (Marjo) BISSELINK, sales employee, born on 08-12-1962 in Gendt, christened on 08-12-1962 in Gendt (witness(es): Annie Melchers en Cor Vermeulen), daughter of Theodorus BISSELINK and Elisabeth VERMEULEN.
   7.  Petronella Gerarda Johanna Maria (Jeanette) OTEMANN (see also XIII.176).

XIII.161    Wilhelmus Josephus Maria (Wim) OTEMANN, carpenter, born on 01-06-1952 in Gendt, christened on 01-06-1952 in Gendt (witness(es): Jan Otemann(Oom) en Grada Corman.(Tante)).
Married at the age of 22 on 15-11-1974 (witness(es): Elisabeth Maria van Liem (grootmoeder v.d bruid) en Hendrina Peters(grootmoeder van de bruidegom)), church marriage on 20-08-1976 to Catharina Johanna Elisabeth (Ans) ELINGS, 20 years old, born on 05-07-1954 in Gendt, daughter of Alex Andries ELINGS and Catharina Grada Jantje WILLEMSEN.
From this marriage:
   1.  Sanne Johanna, Catharina, Elisabeth (Sanne) OTEMANN, born on 06-07-1984 in Nijmegen.

XIII.164    Johanna Hendrina Maria (Ans) OTEMANN, management assistant, born on 03-07-1953 in Gendt, christened on 04-07-1953 in Gendt (witness(es): H.Huis in't Veld en Driena Otemann).
Married at the age of 19 on 30-11-1972, church marriage on 30-11-1972 (witness(es): Wim Otemann (broer) en Ans Elings (schoonzus)) to Hermanus Gerardus Maria (Herman) BUURMAN, 22 years old, architect, born on 12-09-1950 in Gendt, christened on 12-09-1950 in Gendt (witness(es): G.Heck en M.Buurman), son of Hermanus Wilhelmus BUURMAN and Maria Cornelia SCHOUTEN.
From this marriage:
   1.  Johanna Maria (Ankie) BUURMAN, born on 07-05-1975 in Gendt.
   2.  Hermanus Theodorus (Herman) BUURMAN, born on 26-08-1977 in Gendt.

XIII.165    Josephus Florentio Theodorus Maria (Jos) OTEMANN, worker shipyard, born on 28-11-1954 in Gendt, christened on 28-11-1954 in Gendt (witness(es): Riet Otemann-van Weijenberg en Wim Otemann).
Married at the age of 20 on 20-10-1975, church marriage on 14-11-1975 (witness(es): Wim Otemann en Vincent Spanbroek) to Mirjam Johanna Reinera (Mirjam) SPANBROEK, 20 years old, born on 26-08-1955 in Haalderen, christened on 27-08-1955 in Haalderen (witness(es): Jan Willemsen en René Olderikkert-Spanbroek), daughter of Johannes Hendrikus SPANBROEK and Wilhelmina Hendrika EGGENHUIZEN.
From this marriage:
   1.  Wilhelmina Johanna Jeannette (Madita) OTEMANN, born on 10-07-1981 in Bemmel, christened on 10-07-1981 in Bemmel (witness(es): Ome Harrie en tante Jeannette).
   2.  Theodorus Johannes Josephus (Dion) OTEMANN, born on 02-11-1982 in Bemmel, christened on 02-11-1982 in Bemmel (witness(es): Ome Jan en tante Ankie).

XIII.168    Hendrina Maria Pié (Ineke) OTEMANN, born on 18-02-1956 in Gendt (witness(es): Th.Joosten en Marie Otemann).
Married at the age of 22 on 06-10-1978 in Gendt, church marriage on 06-10-1978 in Gendt (witness(es): Jan Otemann en Hermien Schouten) to Christiaan Johannes Gerard (Chris) SCHOUTEN, 42 years old, gardener, born on 20-01-1936 in Gendt, christened on 20-01-1936 in Gendt (witness(es): Gerardus Schouten en Gerarda Koenders), son of Theodorus Gerardus SCHOUTEN and Aleida Gerarda Antonia KOENDERS.
From this marriage:
   1.  Theodorus Christiaan Wilhelmus (Donald) SCHOUTEN, born on 08-08-1981 in Arnhem.
   2.  Christiaan Theodorus Johannes (Christian) SCHOUTEN, born on 02-05-1984 in Arnhem.

XIII.169    Theodorus Johannes Maria (Theo) OTEMANN, state official watermanagement, born on 29-01-1958 in Gendt, christened on 29-01-1958 in Gendt (witness(es): Jan Otemann en tante Annie (Langstraat)).
Married (1) at the age of 20 on 09-05-1978, church marriage on 09-05-1978 (witness(es): Jos Otemann en Marian Mulder) to Johanna Maria Hendrika (Annemieke) MILDER, 19 years old, born on 02-06-1958 in Gendt, died on 25-05-1979 in Bemmel at the age of 20, daughter of Gerard Hendrikus MILDER and Elisabeth Maria Hendrika Theresia NIJS.
Married (2) at the age of 28 on 15-12-1986 (witness(es): Wim Otemann en Dory Milder) to Elisabeth Maria (Bettie) MILDER, 24 years old, skipper, sales employee, born on 23-07-1962 in Gendt, christened on 23-07-1962 in Gendt (witness(es): Tante Rie Rubben en Ome Harrie Rubben), daughter of Gerard Hendrikus MILDER and Elisabeth Maria Hendrika Theresia NIJS.
From the second marriage:
   1.  Bauke (Bauke) OTEMANN, born on 26-06-1986 in Amsterdam.

XIII.176    Petronella Gerarda Johanna Maria (Jeanette) OTEMANN, born on 26-07-1966 in Nijmegen, christened on 26-07-1966 in Nijmegen (witness(es): Jan Aarntzen Annie Aarntzen-Otemann).
Married at the age of 24 on 31-12-1990 in Gendt to Franciscus Hendrikus Antonius Joseph (Frank) KERSTEN, 29 years old, gardener, nurseryman (roses), born on 15-03-1961 in Huissen, christened on 16-03-1961 in Huissen, son of Franciscus Joseph KERSTEN and Maria Jacoba ARENDS.
From this marriage:
   1.  Johanna Maria Christina (Marjolein) KERSTEN, born on 13-02-1991 in Gendt.
   2.  Antoine KERSTEN, born on 12-07-1999 in Well.

XII.140    Jacoba Francisca (Co) OTEMANN, born on 04-10-1923 in Gendt (Gld.), christened on 04-10-1923 in Gendt (Gld.).
Married at the age of 28 on 26-07-1952 in Gendt to Gerardus Johannes (Gert) NIELS, 27 years old, born on 21-08-1924 in Doornenburg (Bemmel), christened on 21-08-1924 in Doornenburg, died on 12-04-1992 in Doornenburg at the age of 67, buried on 18-04-1992 in Doornenburg, son of Antonius Martinus NIELS and Johanna Wilhelmina DAMEN.
From this marriage:
   1.  Antonius Wilhelmus Maria (Tonny) NIELS (see also XIII.177).
   2.  Wilhelmus Gerardus Maria (Wim) NIELS (see also XIII.179).
   3.  Hendrina Wilhelmina Maria (Ineke) NIELS (see also XIII.182).
   4.  Johanna Theresia Maria (Jolien) NIELS (see also XIII.184).

XIII.177    Antonius Wilhelmus Maria (Tonny) NIELS, born on 09-07-1953 in Doornenburg (gem.Bemmel), christened on 09-07-1953 in Doornenbyrg (witness(es): Jacobus (Cub) Niels en Cisca Maters-Otemann).
Married at the age of 22 on 19-12-1975 in Doornenburg, church marriage on 23-01-1976 in Doornenburg (witness(es): Wim G.M. Niels (broer) en F.C. Berendts (Ciska, zus)) to Maria Geertruida (Maria) BERENDTS, 22 years old, born on 08-12-1953 in Doornenburg, christened on 08-12-1953 in Doornenburg (witness(es): Jacobus Wissing en Wilhelmina Berendts), daughter of Theodorus Johannes Ignatius BERENDTS and Geertruida Bernardina WISSING.
From this marriage:
   1.  Geertruida Jacoba (Cindy) NIELS, born on 26-10-1977 in Zevenaar, christened on 26-10-1977 in Zevenaar (witness(es): Ome Wim ( Niels)en tante Cilia).
   2.  Marc Gerardus Theodorus (Marc) NIELS, born on 15-08-1979 in Zevenaar, christened on 15-08-1979 in Zevenaar (witness(es): Ome Cleem en tante Ineke).
   3.  Roy Antonius (Roy) NIELS, born on 26-12-1983 in Nijmegen, christened on 26-12-1983 in Doornenburg (witness(es): Ome Willy en tante Wilma).

XIII.179    Wilhelmus Gerardus Maria (Wim) NIELS, carpenter, cabinetmaker, born on 13-08-1954 in Doornenburg (gem.Bemmel), christened on 13-08-1954 in Doornenburg (witness(es): Wilhelmus Otemann en Gerarda Verwaay-Niels).
Married at the age of 22 on 06-12-1976 in Doornenburg, church marriage on 21-01-1977 in Doornenburg (witness(es): Harrie Berendts en Tonny Niels) to Francisca Cornelia (Cisca) BERENDTS, 19 years old, born on 21-01-1957 in Doornenburg, christened on 21-01-1957 in Doornenburg (witness(es): Hendrikus Wissing en Elisabeth Derksen-Berendts), daughter of Theodorus Johannes Ignatius BERENDTS and Geertruida Bernardina WISSING.
From this marriage:
   1.  Rik Wilhelmus Franciscus (Rik) NIELS, born on 01-06-1978 in Doornenburg.
   2.  Rudi Gerardus Theodorus (Rudi) NIELS, born on 24-04-1980 in Arnhem.

XIII.182    Hendrina Wilhelmina Maria (Ineke) NIELS, born on 13-10-1958 in Doornenburg (gem.Bemmel), christened on 13-10-1958 in Doornenburg (witness(es): Jan Niels en Marie Joosten-Otemann).
Married at the age of 20 on 15-06-1979 in Doornenburg (witness(es): Wim Niels en Dorie Evers), church marriage on 15-06-1979 in Doornenburg (witness(es): Jolien Niels en Martien Evers) to Wilhelmus Martinus Joseph (Wiely) EVERS, 24 years old, carpenter, cabinetmaker, born on 21-03-1955 in Angeren (gem.Bemmel), christened on 21-03-1955 in Angeren (witness(es): Wim Evers en Lena Roelofs-van Alst), son of Heinrich EVERS and Aleida Theresia Van ALST.
From this marriage:
   1.  Robertus Heinrich Gerardus (Rob) EVERS, born on 29-11-1980 in Doornenburg.
   2.  Bernardus Wilhelmus (Benno) EVERS, born on 06-07-1983 in Angeren.
   3.  Franciscus Martinus Hendrikus (Frank) EVERS, born on 28-03-1985 in Angeren.

XIII.184    Johanna Theresia Maria (Jolien) NIELS, born on 12-02-1964 in (Doornenburg gem.Bemmel), christened on 12-02-1964 in Doornenburg (witness(es): Thé Otemann en Annie Otemann-Corman).
Married at the age of 23 on 30-03-1987 in Bemmel, church marriage on 02-10-1987 in Doornenburg (witness(es): Tonny Niels en Dorrie Wassink-Evers) to Martinus Gerardus Johannes Heinrich (Martien) EVERS, 22 years old, born on 12-09-1964 in Angeren, christened on 13-09-1964 in Angeren (witness(es): Gert van Alst en Marie de Wijze-Evers), son of Heinrich EVERS and Aleida Theresia Van ALST.
From this marriage:
   1.  Hilde Jacoba Aleida (Hilde) EVERS, born on 19-10-1994 in Angeren.

XII.142    Anna Theresia (Annie) OTEMANN, born on 29-09-1925 in Gendt, christened on 29-09-1925 in Gendt (witness(es): Johannes Theodorus Peters en Johanna Hendrina Otemann).
Married at the age of 24 on 19-08-1950 in Gendt, church marriage on 22-08-1950 in Gendt to Johannes Theodorus (Jan) AARNTZEN, 30 years old, christened on 06-09-1919 in Gendt, son of Hendrikus Hermanus AARNTZEN and Hendrina GUNSING.
From this marriage:
   1.  Hendrikus Hermanus Theodorus (Henk) AARNTZEN (see also XIII.185).
   2.  Wilhelmus Theodorus Joseph (Wielie) AARNTZEN (see also XIII.187).
   3.  Johannes Joseph Maria (Johan) AARNTZEN (see also XIII.189).
   4.  Theodorus Franciscus Johannes (Theo) AARNTZEN (see also XIII.191).
   5.  Franciscus Antonius Gerardus (Frank) AARNTZEN (see also XIII.193).
   6.  Maria Hendrina Francisca (Maria) AARNTZEN (see also XIII.196).

XIII.185    Hendrikus Hermanus Theodorus (Henk) AARNTZEN, born on 13-12-1951 in Gendt, christened on 13-12-1951 in Gendt (witness(es): Theo Aarntzen en M.Joosten-Otemann).
Married at the age of 27 on 26-10-1979 in Gendt, church marriage on 26-10-1979 in Gendt (witness(es): W.Aarntzen en J.Degen-Janssen) to Cornelia Aleida Maria (Corrie) JANSSEN, 25 years old, born on 08-12-1953 in Gendt, christened on 08-12-1953 in Gendt (witness(es): C.Evers en H.Buurman-Peters), daughter of Gregorius Eusebius JANSSEN and Johanna Catharina PETERS.
From this marriage:
   1.  Hendrikus Johannes Gregorius (Erik) AARNTZEN, born on 28-06-1981 in Angeren.
   2.  Kornelis Gregorius Johannes (Koen) AARNTZEN, born on 28-07-1983 in Angeren.
   3.  Abraham Hendrikus Wilhelmus (Bram) AARNTZEN, born on 22-01-1987 in Arnhem.

XIII.187    Wilhelmus Theodorus Joseph (Wielie) AARNTZEN, watchreparator, tax official, born on 26-03-1953 in Gendt, christened on 26-03-1953 in Gendt (witness(es): Theo Otemann en Aleida Venselaar-Aarntzen).
Married at the age of 23 on 10-09-1976, church marriage on 10-09-1976 (witness(es): H.Aarntzen en T.v.d.Hurk-Meyers) to Maria Johanna Elisabeth (Marian) NIëNHAUS, 19 years old, born on 31-08-1957, christened on 31-08-1957 (witness(es): A.P.v.d.Hurk en Haar-Niënhaus).
From this marriage:
   1.  Maria Wilhemus Johannes (Marcel) AARNTZEN, born on 30-07-1978 in Ter Apel, christened on 01-10-1978 in Ter Apel (witness(es): Johan Aarntzen en Annelies Niënhaus).
   2.  Alexandra Maria (Sandra) AARNTZEN, born on 20-11-1982 in Zevenaar, christened on 30-01-1983 in Zevenaar (witness(es): Theo Niënhaus en Maria Aarntzen).

XIII.189    Johannes Joseph Maria (Johan) AARNTZEN, born on 23-10-1954 in Gendt, christened on 23-10-1954 in Gendt (witness(es): Jan Otemann en Bets Aarntzen-Wemmers).
Married at the age of 24 on 14-09-1979, church marriage on 14-09-1979 (witness(es): Theo Aarntzen en Ria de Jongh-van Bremen) to Maria Elisabeth Johanna (Mary) BOEKHORST, 19 years old, born on 09-10-1959 in Nijmegen, christened on 09-10-1959 in Nijmegen (witness(es): Piet Niels en Ria de Jong-van Bremen), daughter of Bernardus Johannes BOEKHORST and Hendrika Maria Van BREMEN.
From this marriage:
   1.  Bernardus Johannes Joseph (Jeroen) AARNTZEN, born on 26-04-1985 in Arnhem.
   2.  Karina Johanna Cornelia Wilbertus (Karin) AARNTZEN, born on 18-09-1989 in Arnhem.

XIII.191    Theodorus Franciscus Johannes (Theo) AARNTZEN, florist, born on 03-08-1957 in Gendt, christened on 24-08-1957 in Gendt (witness(es): Jan Venselaar en Ciska Maters-Oteman).
Married at the age of 25 on 07-10-1982, church marriage on 07-10-1982 (witness(es): Johan Aarntzen en Johan Niënhaus) to Johanna Elisabeth Geertruida (Annelies) NIëNHAUS, 21 years old, shop employee, born on 14-03-1961 in Nijmegen, christened on 24-03-1961 in Arnhem (witness(es): Hein vd Hurk en Truus Schabbing - vd Hurk), daughter of Jan NIëNHAUS and Lies Van den HURK.
From this marriage:
   1.  Rob Johannes Hendrik (Rob) AARNTZEN, born on 22-01-1989 in Gendt, christened on 22-01-1989 in Gendt (witness(es): Henk Aarntzen em Marian Niënhaus Aarntzen).
   2.  Paulus Theodorus (Paul) AARNTZEN, born on 03-01-1990 in Gendt, christened on 03-11-1990 in Gendt (witness(es): Theo Niënhaus en Maria Aarntzen).
   3.  Louise Maria (Loes) AARNTZEN, born on 05-09-1994 in Arnhem, christened on 05-09-1994 in Gendt (witness(es): Johan Aarntzen en Mary Aarntzen-Boekhorst.).

XIII.193    Franciscus Antonius Gerardus (Frank) AARNTZEN, sportleader, socio- and worktherapist, born on 18-04-1960 in Gendt, christened on 18-04-1960 in Gendt (witness(es): Gerardus Niels en Jo Niels-Oteman).
Married at the age of 28 on 16-11-1988 (witness(es): Netty Peters-Brunning en Maria Aarntzen) to Catharine Bernardine Maria (Katharine) PETERS, 26 years old, nurse, born on 31-05-1962 in Bemmel, daughter of Bernard PETERS and Nilly BRUNNING.
From this marriage:
   1.  Lana (LANA) AARNTZEN, born on 04-02-1995 in Arnhem.
   2.  Sten AARNTZEN, born on 14-03-1998 in Gendt.
   3.  Evan AARNTZEN, born on 19-06-1999 in Gendt.

XIII.196    Maria Hendrina Francisca (Maria) AARNTZEN, born on 04-10-1963 in Gendt, christened on 05-10-1963 in Gendt (witness(es): Wim Oteman en Riet Oteman-Weijenberg).
Married at the age of 27 on 31-05-1991, church marriage on 31-05-1991 (witness(es): Sjaak Kregting en Marian van den Dam-Janssen) to Wilhelmus Theodorus Hermanus Maria (Willem) RASING, 34 years old, intern.driver, born on 14-10-1956, son of NN RASING and Aleida Maria WISSING.
From this marriage:
   1.  Anne Aleida Maria (Anne) RASING, born on 06-11-1994 in Nijmegen.
   2.  Ellen Hendrika Maria (Ellen) RASING, born on 08-10-1996 in Gendt, christened on 08-10-1996 in Gendt (witness(es): Wielie Aarntzen en Anne Rasing).
   3.  Rik RASING, born on 08-05-1999 in Gendt.

XII.143    Johannes Wilhelmus Joseph (Jan) OTEMANN, garderner, assistant construction, born on 01-03-1928 in Gendt, christened on 01-03-1928 in Gendt (witness(es): Johannes van Mekeren en Wilhelmina de Haan).
Married at the age of 28 on 12-09-1956 in Millingen, church marriage on 12-09-1956 in Millingen (witness(es): Theodorus Janssen en Theodorus Otemann) to Johanna Maria (Annie) JANSSEN, 29 years old, born on 18-08-1927 in Millingen (Kekerdom), died on 08-07-1982 in Gendt at the age of 54, buried on 12-07-1982 in Gendt, daughter of Mathijs Willem JANSSEN and Maria Ten WESTENEND.
From this marriage:
   1.  Wilhelmus Matthijs Benedictus (Wilco) OTEMANN (see also XIII.197).
   2.  Maria Hendrina Pié (Marjet) OTEMANN, born on 26-02-1964 in Gendt, christened on 26-02-1964 in Gendt (witness(es): Bets van Arragon-Janssen en Wim Oteman).
Married at the age of 25 on 26-05-1989 in Gendt, church marriage on 26-05-1989 in Gendt (witness(es): Wilco Otemann en Jolanda van Huet-Hendriks) to Jacobus Theodorus Petronella (Sjaak) STRAATMAN, 23 years old, lab assistant, born on 04-06-1965 in Huissen, christened on 05-06-1965 in Huissen (witness(es): Theo Arnts en Nel Aalders-Straatman), son of Hendrikus Jacobus Jozef STRAATMAN and Aleide Catharina Arnts.

XIII.197    Wilhelmus Matthijs Benedictus (Wilco) OTEMANN, sales and leasing campers and caravans, born on 12-01-1960 in Gendt, christened on 20-01-1960 in Gendt (witness(es): Th.Otemann en R. Cornielje-Janssen).
Married at the age of 23 on 20-05-1983 in Gendt, church marriage on 20-05-1983 in Gendt (witness(es): Mariette Otemann en Fred Stoop) to Elisabeth Maria Anna (Bettie) STOOP, 21 years old, born on 04-06-1961 in Zevenbergen, christened on 04-06-1961 in Zevebergen (witness(es): Theo van Duijghuijzen en Lies van Duijghuijzen-Jans), daughter of Antonius Damianus STOOP and Helena Johanna Hendrika JANS.
From this marriage:
   1.  Johannes Antonius (Jordie) OTEMANN, born on 20-10-1992 in Gendt.
   2.  Wilhelmus Johannes Damianus (Nando) OTEMANN, born on 04-10-1996 in Gendt, christened on 04-10-1996 in Gendt (witness(es): Sjaak Straatman en Mariëtte Straatman-Oteman).