Cycling guides European continent in English

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ISBN 0952710609
Price 13,95 Euro
80 pages edition 
translated edition bij Sustrans1996

LF 1 Noordzeeroute

In 1989 the North Sea Cycle Route was the first Dutch national Cycle route. The route now has been extended from the Franco - Belgian border to Boulogne-sur-Mer in France. De total lenght from Den Helder to Boulogne is 470 kilometres. 
On the North Sea Route the cyclist will be guided through the Dutch dunes, the delta in the Zeeland region, the Flemish polder landscape, the French woodlands and the hills of Artois to terminate at the white cliffs of the Pas de Calais.
The booklet contains detailed fullcoulour maps and all practical information. 
Also included is a recomended link to Calais and the Eurotunnel.


 Bicycle Touring Holland

 ISBN: 1892495465
 Price: 18,95 Euro  
 296 pages
 1e edition 2005



This book contains  50 tours spread all over the country  with some excursions into Belgium and Germany . The author Katherine Widing who is an Australian-born journalist, living and working in the US,  cycled every corner of the Netherlands. The first 5 chapters introduce the cyclist to the Netherlands, explain the practicalities of cycling there and give information on preparation and planning, where to eat and sleep and more. 
The second part contains route information. The routes are broking up into days of varying lenght. Each route description gives detailed directions to follow and highlights interesting sights, lodging and eating options etc. The book contains clear 2-coloured routemaps.


ISBN 3850001219
Price 12,90 Euro
112 pages

Cycle tour around the Limfjord

 The Limfjord Route is 611 km long and takes you through a landscape of fertile hills and fjord stretching as far as the eye can see, while in the fields animals graze in peace and tranquillity. The Limfjord Route takes you through small, charming villages but also some larger towns where you can do some sightseeing. Enjoy the smell of the fresh wind blowing over the waters of the Limfjord and also the beaches, where you might even be tempted to take a refreshing dip.
The maps are at scale 1:75.000

Price 12,90 Euro
112 pages

 North Sea Cycle Route Denmark

From Tonder to Skagen (559 km) this route follows the Danish North Sea coastal line. The guide contains acurate maps, reliable route descriptions, numerous maps of towns, villages and local areas, erferences to cultural attractions and a comprehensive overview of accomodations.


Price 14,95
Language: English, German and Finnish
82 pages 
Via Finlandia

The Via Finlandia measures 596 km lang en runs from the capital Helsinki via Tampere to Vaasa. This route is one out of 7 national Finnish cycleroutes en gives a good impression of the country. De national routes make use of quiet country lanes and often follow cyclepaths in the vicinity of the main cities.
Smaller sections use gravelroads or cycletracks on gravel. The Via Finlandia is suitable for novices on the bicycle even for families with smaller children.
The guides contain detailed maps 1:100.000, cityplans 1:20.000 and are richely illustrated with colourphotographs. 

Other Cycling Guides on the national Finnish cycling network: see below

Other national cycleroutes (Price 14,95 each and in English, German and Finnish language): For further information: 

1. Via Finlandia see above
Coastal Route, 955 km from Turku to Oulu along the mainly flat westcoast
3 Kings Road
, 293km from Helsinki to Turku along the hilly southcoast
4 Through Southern Finland, 360 km from Turku to Hämeenlinna following the historical Häme, an ancient ox-trail
5 Great Lakes Road, a 458 km circular tour along the great lakes from Lappeenranta until close by the Russian border
6 Central Finland Route 312 km from Helsinki via Lahti to Jyväskylä 
7 In preparation




ISBN 8299590728
Price 17,90 Euro each volume
Language: Norwegian, German and English, 
72 pages

N.B. Part 2 is in reprint!

Sykkelguide North Sea Cycle Route Norway 1
Sykkelguide North Sea Cycle Route Norway 2

The Norwegian part of The International  North Sea Cycle Way is described in 2 full-colour topoguides with detailed 1:100.000 maps of the Norwegian Topographic Services Statens. 
Part 1 is the intinery between Svinesund (on the Swedish borderline) and Kristiansand en counts 507 km. 
Part 2 goes from Kristiansand via Stavanger to Bergen and measures 647km. 

The guides are illustrated with colour fotographs and give all practicalities. 

ISBN 8292064036
Price 17,90 Euro
Language Norwegian, German and English
42 pages, ed. 2000
Sykkelguide Lofoten

This 42 pages fullcolour guide with a survey map and 11 detailed maps at a scale of 1:100.000 gives You all the information You need for a cycling holiday on the Lofoten islands. It is divided in  2 parts: the Lofotenroute from Svolvaer to A  183,5 km and the Raftsundroute from Holandshamm along the Raftsundet to Laukvik and Svolvaer 114.5 km.

Price 17,90 Euro
Language Norwegian, German and English
45 pages
ed. 2002
Sykkelguide More & Romsdal

This 200 km long route leads You through the beauty of the islands of More en Romsdal.

Price 17,90 Euro
Language Norwegian, German and English
55 pages
ed. 1999
Sykkelguide Nordsjoruta & Rallarvegen

In deze gids wordt een 296km lang deel van de North Sea Cycle Route beschreven nl. het het traject vanaf Flekkefjord naar Stavanger en van Skudeneshavn naar Buavag. Daarnaast wordt de 108 km lange en bewegwijzerde Rallarvegen beschreven.

Price 17,90 Euro
Language Norwegian, German and English
34 pages
ed. 2002
Sykkelguide Rallarvegen

Deze fietsroute volgt de 108 km lange transportweg langs de bergspoorlijn van Hamjaslol via Finse en Myrdal naar Voss. Met een afsteker naar Fläm. In omgekeerde richting gevolgd kan hij mooi met de Numedalsruta worden gecombineerd.

Price 17,90 Euro
Language Norwegian, German and English
39 pages
ed. 2000
Sykkelguide Numedalsruta

De 280 km lange Numedalsruta loopt van de hoge bergen bij Geilo via Kongsberg naar Larvik aan de kust waar hij op de Noordzeeroute aansluit. het hoogste punt bedraagt 1000m en de route is bewegwijzerd.


Price 12,90 Euro
Language English
1e edition 2003
92 pages
Cycling Guide Provence

This is a roundtour of 296 km through one of the most scenic cultural regions of France. Quiet roads lead You along the river Rhône and through the Camargue with its horses and flamingo's. Historical towns are passed like Arles, Nîmes, Avignon and St. Remy de Provence.

ISBN 1864500360
Price 25,95 Euro
544 pages, English
1e edition 2001
Cycling France

A total of 135 days of France's best cycling -including Corsica- is described in this guide. The tours are 1 - 10 days long and You can easily find a tour that suit You. The guide contains plenty of information such as: 
on- the- road maintenance tips and a guide to French cycle-speak. 
Where tot eat -from markets to cafes and restaurants
Where to stay -from camping to B&B and chateaux
Wat to see and do, in and out the saddle
How to pack and transport Your bike
The Tour the France explained


ISBN 3850001199
Price 15,90 Euro
179 pages, English
1e edition 2002
Cycling Atlas Tuscany

In this guide You will find a total of 1600 km routedescription with a main accent on the Florence - Siena region and the coastal region at Pisa. With detailed maps scale 1:100.000 and routeprofiles. Also with city and townmaps, a complete index of overnight accomodation and a lot of tourist information.

ISBN 8836529380
Price 22,95 Euro
240 pages, English
1e ed 2004
Italy by Bike

105 Itineraries including one in Switzerland and one in Austria, with several routes exclusively for mountain bikes are described in this book. 46 of them are easy day rides suitable for fanilies and beginners along quiet country lanes and lighly-traffickes roads. 41 of them are challenging routes for experienced touring cyclist featurring longer rides with varying terrain. 18 rides are ambitious and physically demanding intineraries geared to expert riders well prepared for the rigors of the road.

The book also contains detailed maps, technical tips on terrain and elevation gains plus useful local information including web adresses and phone numbers.


ISBN 3850001466
Price 13,90 Euro
120 pages, English
Cycling Guide Moselle River Trail

The Moselle River Trail leads You from Metz in France to Koblenz on the river Rhine. A good 300 km ride along the Moselle with its vineyards and over 2000 years of history . With detailed 1:50.000 maps

ISBN 385000192X
Price 12,90 Euro
120 pages, English


Mozart Bike Trail

The Mozart Bike trail is a roundtour in the Salzburgerland, Berchtesgadener Land and Chiemgau with start and finish in the city of Mozart: Salzburg. The whole tour is 431.5 km long but several shortcuts and extra rides are also described. With detailed maps 1:50.000

ISBN 3850001474
Price 12,90 Euro
140 pages, English
Berlin Wall Trail

A route for cyclists, hikers and skaters along the path of the former Berlin Wall. A historical journey of 160 km. 
With citymaps 1:20.000


ISBN 385000192X
Price 12,90 Euro
120 pages, English
Mozart Bike Trail

The Mozart Bike trail is a roundtour in the Salzburgerland, Berchtesgadener Land and Chiemgau with start and finish in the city of Mozart: Salzburg. The whole tour is 431.5 km long but several shortcuts and extra rides are also described. With detailed maps 1:50.000

ISBN 3850001601
Price 13,90 Euro
160 pages, English
Danube Bike Trail

Austria's number one bike trail and one of Europes most popular and beloved cycleroutes between Passau and Vienna is 350 km long. You will find all the information needed for a succesfull cycling holiday in this practical book.


ISBN 1852843810
Price 23,95 Euro
288 pages, 1e edition 2003
Cycle Touring in Spain

This guide contains a lot of general practical information for cyclists who independently want to make a cycletour in Spain such as possible destinations, climat, preparation, accomadation etc. 
Eight routes are described in detailt and accompanied by maps, profiles and accomodation lists. These routes are suitable for novice through to keen cyclists and are describerd in 5-12 daily stages with options to shorten, extend or go off-road.
The routes extend from the Pyrenees and Picos de Europa, from Madrid to Bilbao, Sierra de Gredos and Guadarrama, Sierra Morena and 3 routes in Andalucía.